PBS Summer Showcase 2018: Amanpour & Company

Amanpour & Company

If you still watch and listen to CNN, PBS and CNN have teamed up for the late-night show with Christiane Amanpour for focused conversations with global leaders and cultural influences. This is an expansion of CNN’s “Amanpour” and will included contributions from journalists Walter Isaacson, Michel Martin, Alicia Menendez and Hari Sreenivasan from Lincoln Center in New York City. Amanpour will lead the conversations from London, covering politics, business, arts, science and technology and sports. The new show expands on CNN’s “Amanpour.”

The London-born Amanpour reported from conflict areas in the Gulf and Bosnians wars before becoming the anchor of the daily CNN interview program, “Amanpour.” TV and movie fans might be more familiar with with this award-winning journalist from her appearances as herself on the “Gilmore Girls” or “Iron Man 2.”

Amanpour said, “Never has the time for exploring our world and America’s place in it been so urgent.” The show will be about “really talking to the players, the top experts we can find in their fields.” She feels there is “so much chatter in the media environment” and intends “to try and cut through the chatter” but still “make it as friendly to an American audience as to an international audience.”

However, to be very clear, for those who don’t already know, Amanpour stated, “I believe in being truthful and not being neutral.” She added that “we exist in an unprecedented political environment; everything is hyper-partisan.”

In her analysis, Amanpour draws direct lines between the war in Iraq, non-intervention in Syria, the destabilization, the influx of refugees, the disaffection with globalization and the kind of leaders who focus the politics of fear. That might sound like a downer, but Amanpour noted, “I am an incredibly optimistic person.” Despite reporting about the “barbaric” circumstances during war, “I’ve also found the greatest hope, the greatest resiliency.”

Who doesn’t need hope? “Amanpour & Company” premieres on Sept. 10.

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