If you want a chance to be part of William Shatner’s new album, and you’re lucky enough to have a photo of yourself with a rainbow (not sure if it has to be a real rainbow), then send one in to William Shatner before 31 May 2013. See the message from Google+ below: 

William Shatner

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Last call for rainbow photos.  I’m closing this as of May 31st.  The album will be out late summer/early fall.  Make sure that the images are big.  If they are too small we will not be able to use them. MBB
William Shatner originally shared this post:
So you may have heard that I’m doing a new album.  One song in particular I’m going to be doing a music video on.  I’d like to invite my fans to be a part of that video.  I’m looking for a photo of you with a rainbow.  Send me a digital copy of the photo in the highest resolution possible along with your name and the location of the photo.  This could be an old photo or a new photo – as long as it has you in the photo with the rainbow.  Send the file to ShatnersRainbow@gmail.com