SDCC Special Edition: The Pillow Quest

After a morning driving down to La Jolla and running the dogs in a new competitive sport, we boarded them at PetsMart and headed over the SDCC Special Edition. I’m always on the look out for freebies and we passed many empty stalls including one that was being used for storage. I waited and asked how to get a free blue pillow and was sent over to the Manta Comic “Under the Oak Tree” booth.

We were told we just needed to either get a photo or do a 360-video experience. We did the video experience twice (because the first time the video didn’t come through). By the time we got the video and posted to social media, we were told they were out of pillows (as well as t-shirts).

Well…that wasn’t totally true. They had seven (7) pillows on display and at least one (1) behind the counter and at the storage area (The Ninjai Gang booth) they were using there was a full box. They said they might have some more the next day. Saturday we checked and they still had those pillows on display and pillows in the storage area, but they weren’t giving them away, at least to us.

So we sent to check on the next day. They still had the seven pillows on display and the full box of pillows in the storage area.

By Sunday, late morning, the pillows were no longer on display, but the box of pillows was still there. At least, I think it was the same box.

And we weren’t given any opportunity to have a pillow even though we were making our last round for freebies and fun stuff.

So our quest for a blue pillow went unfulfilled, but we’ll probably never download the “Under the Oak Tree” app. They were giving away pencils and posters (but none of the posters of a dragon) all weekend, but if you’re going to tell a lie, do a better job of covering up.  Maybe the people at Manta should pay the booth fee for the Ninjai Gang since their company used the booth all three days (Otherwise, unoccupied booths were used by attendees to sit and watch the crowd go by as we did when we took a break).

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