Ms. Geek Speaks: Matchy-matchy and the Godzilla Dress

Reyn Spooner had these cool Showa Era Godzilla shirts for sale on 18 July 2021, BUT they only came in men’s adult sizes. I ordered Ian an S and myself an XXXL. My actual size at Reyn Spooner is a Boy’s Medium. 

This is me when it came. Because I don’t have a friend who sews nearby, I had to fit it on my own. My husband doesn’t know how to sew so he’s not much help.

My deadline, Godzilla Day (3 November) and  my husband’s birthday (7 November 2021).

Missed 3 November 2021 because of some dark personal stuff and I took a day off, but finished in time for dinner out with Ian.

First, I took out the sleeves. Then I marked down the pleat and tacked it down where I was placing the bow (waist height). I also split the back pleat just below my buttocks for dancing. I cut away the sides and moved the arm hole up and make it smaller. I added sleeves. To do this, I used an old pattern for a tunic dress and laid it on top. For dancing, I kept the sides open from the hip joint down (again for dancing).  

With the XXXL, I had enough material for a tunic and two face masks. Is there anything more geeky than having a Godzilla dress that matches your husband’s Reyn Spooner Godzilla aloha shirt?

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