Clifford-size Your Canine

Use your smartphone for something silly, but add to the general cheer of the canine (and cat) loving population. The people promoting “Clifford: The Big Red Dog” have a free AR experience. Just choose a photo of your favorite pooch and Clifford-size him or her.

  • Select a photo of your pet
  • Choose a background (4 available)
  • Download and save!

Choose a photo that has a very basic background, one without clutter or people. Make sure the pet is central to the photo. You can have a leash on and it works. But it there is something to close to your pet (like a pillow) it may transfer over.

  • Choose a photo showing your pet only (no humans or background clutter)
  • Pets should be facing the camera
  • Avoid blurry photos
  • Close shots work better than far-away photos

For the best perspective, you should be at eye-level or below with your pet. 

If you have a favorite photo on your laptop or desktop, you can upload to Google photos and then use your smartphone to select it. I found it easiest to put that uploaded photo in a folder. Be sure to download the photo and from there send it to yourself or transfer it to your photo album. 

In the live-action film of the beloved Scholastic book series, middle-schooler Emily Elizabeth (Darby Camp) meets a magical animal rescuer (John Cleese) who gifts her a little red puppy. No pup stays little for long and Clifford becomes a giant ten-foot hound who doesn’t fit in the small New York City apartment. While her single mom (Sienna Guillory) is away for business, Emily and her fun  uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) set out on a Big Red Dog adventure. 

“Clifford the Big Red Dog” is in theaters and on Paramount+ 10 November 2021. 

Let me see your best big dogs because I LOVE big dogs!


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