Virtual Dreams and Adventure at Century City Mall

Got a crew of two to eight who want to take a 35-minute staycation away from reality? Dreamscape Immersive is re-opening today, 6 May 2021, at Westfield Century City. General admission is $23.50 and to abide by health and safety regulations, these are private adventures. Your chores are “The Blu: Deep Rescue,” “Alien Zoo,” “The Curse of the Lost Pearl: A Magic Projector Adventure” or “DreamWorks Dragon Flight Academy.”

Dressed in my Toothless dragon hoodie and with a newly made Toothless face mask, we opted to try our hands at flying a dragon. You don’t get to fly Toothless because Hiccup on Toothless and Astrid on Stormfly will be leading you through this journey. So choose your avatar first. You strap sensors on to your hands and mount up on seats that you can straddle with a straight handle bar in front of you. Push forward for down and pull back toward you for up. Once the virtual reality headsets are one, you’re ready to roll, learning to walk our dragon before you fly. You guide your dragon through the Viking and dragon village on the north side of the isle of Berk. Suddenly, you’re enlisted for a mission to the Hidden World to save a clutch of dragon eggs from poachers.

The program doesn’t allow you to go too far off course and there are plenty of obstacles and distractions along the way as you earn your dragon rider wings. There are even opportunities to show off your dragon flying skills if you return. My husband and I were too distracted the first time with all the wonderful animation in this world teaming with dragons and both geological and biological dangers. DreamWorks Dragon Flight Academy has room for a group of eight. Other adventures allow for a party of six.

Our second adventure was to the Intergalactic Wildlife Federation’s Alien Zoo. This is the first time humans have been invited to visit and you’ll see some cute and colorful life forms as well as some less friendly carnivores. You might even recognize some habitats. To begin this journey, after choosing your avatar at the front desk, you’ll need to strap on foot and hand trackers. You’ll be carrying a backpack that’s connected to your VR headset. You don’t get to sit down on this adventure because you’ll want to stand to look over the rail of your observation pod. You get to interact with some of the VR animation and you can see each other. You can see and interact with people on the journey with you and a bit of teamwork is necessary.

Dreamscapes “Alien Zoo”

There’s a message at the end, but it’s not heavy-handed and on your way out you can check out drawings of the creatures you met. Also before or after your adventure you can take selfies with a set of colorful frog cats at a space in front of the Dreamscape entrance.

Not everyone can board these adventures. All travelers have to be at least 48-inches tall and 10 years old. Those under 13 must have an adult with a paid ticket to sign the Dreamscape waiver for the kid. You cannot wear flip-flops or high heels. Long skirts and flared pants may also hinder your enjoyment of the adventures. There is closed captioning and wheelchair options made available on request. Guests who require a wheelchair must be able to self-transfer into one of Dreamscape’s specially equipped wheelchairs or your personal wheelchair must meet certain dimensions.

Dreamscape began when Swiss computer scientists Caecilia Charbonnier and Sylvain Chagué, along with entrepreneur Ronald Menzel, premiered a groundbreaking new approach to virtual reality in 2016. By merging the technique of “motion capture” used in blockbuster Hollywood movies with sophisticated programming and a deep understanding of body mechanics, they created a platform able to track six people simultaneously, in real-time, with full body presence, and render them as characters inside a computer generated world.

This new storytelling medium gives people the opportunity to step into a story and watch it unfold around them as they explore cinematic worlds, characters and creatures never before thought possible. Each Dreamscape adventure is a shared experience so get your posse, your crew, your besties and explore one of these four imaginary worlds.

Dreamscape @ Westfield Century City

10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 2720

Los Angeles, CA 90067

EATALY and Del Frisco Steak House on the 2nd floor.  You may valet or self-park near the Eataly signs and head to the 2nd floor

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