Ms. Geek Speaks: DMCA and How Can We Control Trolls?

On my blog, I don’t automatically publish comments, even those that are complimenting my writing. I now think the best practice is not to publish comments that come from anonymous accounts, particularly WordPress accounts that seem like nothing more than placeholders or a gateway to comment on other WordPress accounts.

When I first received a comment from sublyfe74 on 21 November 2020 for my blog entry about a 30-minute documentary on Surya Bonaly. I did not publish. In less than 12 hours (on the same day), she made another comment. I did not publish. This is not uncommon. I might go for months without publishing a comment and that doesn’t bother normal people. If someone gives me a correction, I thank them (who doesn’t want to give out correct information?) and fix the error.

Yet two comments by the same account, one that is nothing but a placeholder opened in 2017 without any actual blog entries is unusual, particularly when the comments are made on the same day. I soon found a single word comment on my Instagram which was then public: “racist.” The comment from Quirky Brown Chick was totally unrelated because I publish photos of food, face masks, dogs and events. I blocked Quirky Brown Chick. That is the advice one is given about trolls. Quirky Brown Chick on Instagram does have some content and her account links to her YouTube account. Now I have a face, but not a name. I’m not interested in knowing more. I would have gone on and forgotten about Quirky Brown Chick except there was a comment on a totally unrelated post on my personal Facebook page that referenced Surya Bonaly from Nicole Camara Tarver. And soon enough Irena Robinson joined in. Robinson’s FB account also seems like a placeholder. Tarver had other posts. I could not post on Robinson’s account and would not have because I also did not post on Tarver’s account. In any case, at this point, I have two faces and two names. I know from Instagram and YouTube that Tarver is Quirky Brown Chick thanks to the profile and cover photos. I did not watch her videos because that would be feeding a troll. Don’t encourage bad behavior.

I noted that the proper Netiquette is to comment on the post and not to attempt to change the topic of conversation. That didn’t deter these two. As I already knew that ignoring these trolls did not help, I used the FB feature that hides the comment. During this time, I did research on trolls and cyberstalking; because photos were taken from my social media accounts and reposted to subject me to ridicule, I made my Instagram private. During Thanksgiving and the various December holidays, most people have something better to do on. holidays. Certainly, I’d be busier except that the pandemic closed down many events. The tag “team” of Tarver and Robinson got lonely if I ignored them. There were denigrating comments on my appearance, specifically my breasts, and my fertility. If a man had written those statements, I’d think he was a picturing himself as a jilted lover and hoping that I send him some soft porn amateur hour photos to prove him wrong. Because my husband didn’t defend me or “like” this particular post (a video of dancing), he was denigrated and his masculinity questioned in a manner that seems racist or sexist or both.

Then there was the day one of the two, Robinson, decided to dox me. My address was published and when I didn’t respond in less than 12 hours, I was doxxed again. Yet before 24 hours, those were taken down, but not before I made a screenshot of the first one. Veiled threats were made against a family member as well. One should always report doxxing, but FB doesn’t make it easy and there seemed to be a well-practiced methodology. I suddenly knew there were others. I will get to those later.

This was my post about 12 December 2020 and the Texas lawsuit challenging the election results.

You can search to see if you can find anything where I used the N-word. Certainly don’t take Robinson’s word for anything because who is she anyway?

I reported the doxxing and threats to the police although it is likely there is nothing they can do. Not satisfied with FB any more, the cyberstalking moved on to Twitter where I was forced to block three accounts. I first reported the Irena Robinson account to Twitter on 14 December 2020. Her derogatory statements didn’t violate the TOS, however, Twitter did not consider the cyberstalking that was going on. Then on 2 January 2021, I reported the Belle McWhite account to Twitter. For two of the three tweets I reported, Nicole Camara Tarver had to dig through my Facebook photos for years, going back to 31 October 2014 when I was Little Bo Peep with a sheep puppet, herding crook and herding dog. So how do I know Belle McWhite was Tarver? Because the Belle McWhite Twitter profile photo was from the same photo session as her Quirky Brown Chick profile photos on Instagram and YouTube. Her Belle McWhite profile photos showed Tarver with glasses but wearing the same hairband, same bright yellow top shirt and same books surrounding her. The Quirky Brown Chick Instagram account links to her Quirky Brown Chick YouTube account. Tarver uses the same profile photo on Medium under her full name, Nicole Camara Tarver.

Belle McWhite’s Twitter profile photo. I know for certain this is Nicole Camara Tarver.
Screen shot of Quirky Brown Chick who I now know is Nicole Camara Tarver. Notice the link to her YouTube page.

The photos are important because they also differentiate this specific Quirky Brown Chick from others who have used that phrase such as Bryanda L on Medium.

Irena Robinson, who I suspect is really Tarver, had previously dug through my photos back to 2017 when I went to the pop-up Ice Cream Museum in downtown Los Angeles. She let me know that she had posted that photo in some group that she was a member of to ask Black men if they would have dated me and made sure I knew by posting it on a totally unrelated public post on my Facebook page. This is so much like a scorned lover, begging for attention because even negative attention is better than the loneliness of no attention at all.

Screen shot of Nicole Camara Tarver and Irena Robinson commenting on my Facebook page.

Tarver as Belle McWhite went back through my Facebook photos to find my Halloween costume in 2014 to make this post.

Screen shot of Belle McWhite/Nicole Camara Tarver and her copyright infringement usage of my Halloween 2014 photo.

Because I tweeted a screenshot of Twitter’s official response to my report on Belle McWhite, I also know that Nicole Camara Tarver is Belle McWhite. Tarver asked Twitter to take down the tweet because she felt usage of her profile photo was copyright infringement. In her response, she had to use her real name so Belle McWhite is indeed Nicole Camara Tarver. That was only this month that I got legal evidence of this.

Screen shot of Twitters official response to my complaints about Belle McWhite/Nicole Camara Tarver.

I had already blocked Belle McWhite (AKA Nicole Camara Tarver), having already blocked Irena Robinson and yet I reported another account on 3 January 2021: In this Twitter account @BlackBe47355153 (The Revolution Will Be Televised) the individual was both racist and claiming I was racist. She quoted that prostitute’s line from the 1987 “Full Metal Jacket.” That account was locked due to TOS violations.

I knew about these accounts because in order to get my attention, each time my Twitter account was included to insure I saw them. Again, this Tarver is begging for my attention. My Twitter address is added twice.

Screen shot of the initial Twitter response to my complaint about The Revolution Will Be Televised.

Just who are the people who make these accusations and can anyone find essays where I have referred to Black people as animals or gorillas or claimed that lynchings were myths? Let me know if you find anything.

Official Response from Twitter about some of my complaints against The Revolution Will Be Televised.

I was able to get some things taken down as you can see from this notification.

The photo of me and my dog posted by Belle McWhite was copyright infringement and when I could not get Twitter to take down two posts for targeted abuse, I filed a DMCA through Twitter.

But notice that the photo used in that Belle McWhite tweet of an attractive Black woman is the same photo used for the profile photo of @BlackBe47355153 (The Revolution Will Be Televised) Twitter account.

Screen shot of The Revolution Will Be Televised Account.
Screen shot of Belle McWhite/Nicole Camara Tarver’s post that was copyright infringement.

I found that Tarver had had an altercation with someone named Erika Gallagher who worked at an accounting firm in another state Michigan. So she and Renee Robinson decided to use these claims to write a review for the company where she worked. That is a violation of Terms of Service and can one really believe anything that Tarver and her tag team write? In any case, like any good Netizen, I asked to have these reviews removed.

This is the response I got from Yelp.

Irena Robinson is supposedly in Detroit. Tarver is in Toledo. I found that others on Facebook had suffered including this business in Colorado and one in the UK.

Sarah Louise is in the UK. This is screen shot taken later than the one above.

Should we believe this Nicole Camara Tarver tag team? At this point, Nicole Camara Tarver has filed two DMCA against me for copyright infringement for using the cover photo of her Quirky Brown Chick YouTube channel. First, she doesn’t want me to use her YouTube photo on my essay although it is the same photo as her profile for other social media such as Medium under Nicole Camara Tarver and her Instagram links to it where it is used as her branding cover photo. Second, she does not want people to be able to find my essay when they search for Nicole Camara Tarver. This for a blog that she believes no one reads.

Let’s think about this. She makes public comments on my Facebook page as Nicole Camara Tarver because she wanted her comments under an alias to be published? She violates the Terms of Service on Facebook to leave “reviews” in order to hurt businesses that she has not really had a customer experience with as Nicole Camara Tarver. This happened not once, but at least three times as you can see above. According to her account in one of her Facebook reviews, she called the place of business and she has written about it for the public to see. Tarver and Robinson want to affect the flow of business.

In my case, she introduced herself to my friends on Facebook and attempted to tell them things about me. She attempted to get the Pasadena Weekly, where I sometimes freelance, to reconsider using me in a public tweet on Twitter. As you can see above, I was publicly accused of comparing Black people to gorillas and using the N-word. Photos of me were posted without any attempt at fair usage or commentary, but rather to ridicule me.

Nicole Camara Tarver attempted to use a DMCA for my tweets of Twitter’s official response.

Tweet #1

Tweet #2

Tweet #3

She filed a DMCA with Google to have them stop searches to my post about my research on trolls and her trolling even though all of her posts were on public forums. None were taken from private posts. Neither Tarver nor Robinson are my Facebook friends. Nor are they my friends on Instagram or Twitter. The photos she uses for her profile are her public face and the only means of identifying her and, prior to the DMCA notification, the only means I had to connecting her Quirky Brown Chick Instagram (which is connected to her Quirky Brown Chick YouTube) to her Facebook account under Nicole Camara Tarver and to connect Tarver to Belle McWhite.

In the DMCA notice filed with Twitter and WordPress, Nicole Camara Tarver claims I am harassing and cyberstalking her. (All of her many comments on my public posts have been deleted.) Poor Irena Robinson feels I am harassing and cyberstalking her as you can see below. It will be interesting to see what WordPress, Google and Twitter have to say. So far Irena Robinson who has written the most defamatory things by far hasn’t filed a DMCA. Something to think about.

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