Valentine’s Day: Star Wars’ Style

Are you or your beloved an avid Star Wars fan? Don’t worry. The Truffle Cottage has something for you and yours. Just this week, new items were added that will have Chewie and droid fans rejoicing. 

Do you spend your weekends doing target practice or storm trooping around? Then try the Stormtrooper cookie ($3.85). It’s white chocolate over a double-stuffed Oreo.

If you like presents double wrapped, try a Star Wars egg ($27.50) with Darth Vader dark chocolate pomegranate truffle, a Boba Fett mint cookies and cream truffle and a cookies and cream Storm Trooper truffle and chocolate-covered almonds. 

Star Wars solids come in “good” or “bad” versions. We all know that sometimes it is good to be bad, particularly in chocolate. 

If you are a true fan or having a Star Wars party, you’ll want to place your order for the Star Wars ‘Good’ Survival pack ASAP. They are on back order. This box contains Millennium Falcon, Hans Solo in Carbonite, R2D2, C3P0, Luke’s Lightsaber handle and Yoda. That will set you back $66. The “Dark” survival pack is also $66 and contains the Death Star, Boba Fett and his mandelorians, AT-AT, Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers, and Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Handle. and a Storm Trooper chocolate-covered cookie

If you are on the dark side and seeing red, try the Red Sith Trooper which has three truffles, each with a creamy milk chocolate ganache and chunks of almonds ($13.20).

If you want to immortalize your love and freeze is in time, there’s always the Hans Solo in Carbonite ($13.20), a milk chocolate mint cookies and cream truffle. Han Solo also comes in thin mints ($11). And what is Hans Solo without his Millennium Falcon ($13.20),a s’more truffle with graham cracker crumb base that comes in milk or dark chocolate? Need a bigger ride? Try the Breakable Millennium Falcon ($39.95)

Breaking up may be hard to do, but you’ll want to break open the Breakable Chewbacca ($18.95) to see what’s inside: Star Wars-themed chocolates, chocolate almonds and chocolate pretzels.

Also new and breakable (mallet included in all breakables) is the Breakable BB8 ($18.95), also with Star Wars themed chocolates, chocolate almonds and chocolate pretzels. He’s just over 4 inches. Breakable 3CPO comes with a metallic sheen ($18.95). R2D2 isn’t breakable, but he’s smaller and more modestly priced ($16.50). He’s a white chocolate exterior is detailed, and his interior vanilla bean ganache.

If you’d like to taste a Porg, you can get two of these cuties for ($16.50). The don’t taste like chicken…more like caramel pretzel truffles.

If your Valentine’s Day looks to be a Jedi battle, then arm yourself with a Luke or Darth light saber ($22). More of a Mandalorian fan? The baby and the Mandolorian are a milk chocolate and dark chocolate orange ($13.20).

The Truffle Cottage is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah and ships nationwide. For Valentine’s Day, you need to order by 8 February 2021. Contact them by visiting

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