Valentine’s Day: Harry Potter Heartache or Happy Times

Harry Potter had a lot of heartache. He was orphaned. He lived under the stairwell. He was in love with the grievously named Cho Chang, but just like the sorting hat got things all sorted out–right person to the right house, Harry Potter found his true love.

The Truffle Cottage has a 3″ x 1.75″ Breakable Harry Potter chocolate heart mean to break ($14.95). You have a choice of any of the four houses (Slytherin, Griffindor, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. You can even get a sorting hat ($10 in either dark or milk chocolate).


If your honey is really special, you get a limited edition 20th anniversary box ($33) or for the sporting type, there’s a limited edition golden snitch box ($43).

The golden snitch box comes in dark or milk chocolate and in either of the four houses and contains the following: 

⚡️Milk or Dark limited edition chocolate Snitch with chocolate Resurrection Stone inside.

⚡️Milk or Dark Chocolate Frogs.

⚡️Limited Edition Blueberry Pygmi Puffs.

⚡️Limited Edition Amortentia potion bottle. 

⚡️Cookies & Cream Lightning Bolt and Glasses truffle set.

⚡️Butterbeer house truffles representing either Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.

⚡️A gold embossed train ticket for the Hogwarts Express.

Each box comes with a wax seal in your chosen house’s color!

For the Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Harry Potter Box includes: 

– Butterbeer Flavored House truffles (box of 3)
– Chocolate Frogs (2)
– Owl Chocolate Covered Cookie
– Limited Edition Chocolate & Caramel Potions bottle
– 20th Anniversary Commemorative Bookmark
All in a box with Hogwarts wax seal and a ribbon in your chosen house color!
The Truffle Cottage is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah and ships nationwide. Valentine’s Day orders need to be in by 8 February 2021. Contact them by visiting

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