Tips for the Blumhouse Live Event

If you’ve attended comic-con or other TV or movie promotional events, you’ll know how they work. If the program hasn’t premiered yet, then it is to give you the feel, the atmosphere of the show or movie. When you see it, you’re likely to have a deja-vu experience. If the show or film has already premiered, then you’ll be rewarded for what you know. So, the more you know about the four movie that Blumhouse Productions premiered this month on Amazon Prime Video–“The Lie,” “Black Box,” “Evil Eye” and “Nocturne,” the better you’ll understand the Blumhouse Live experience. 

This activation works best with Chrome. Some people had problems viewing the image using other browsers or even their cellphones. You will need a cellphone because there’s a code to scan that will get you into a “photo booth.” For the booth, you’ll want to make sure that your background is not too busy. When I took my first photo, I got an error message via text because I had plenty of stuffed animals sitting behind me. Nix that. Have a plain background that has good contrast with you  and what you’re wearing for the best results when you take your photo.

After waiting in the DJ room at the bottom, you’ll be allowed to move up when your time begins. Once you’re allowed to wander through the house, you’re looking for clues to find a missing woman, named Erin Templeton, a student at the Lindbergh Academy.

You’ll be warned that you can’t trust everyone. You’ll need to have a microphone to talk to the live actors in some of the rooms in order to ask questions or find things. You’ll even get a chance to save a life. As you travel through the different rooms be on the lookout for specific visual queues. You’ll need to collect four symbols in a specific sequence to unlock the door in the attic.  The  symbols  look like  this  one  although this may or may not be one of the ones you need.

The first floor is from “The Lie.” I’m going to guess that you can’t really trust anyone here. The garage is, of course, significant in the movie. You’ll be crafting a cocktail on the first floor (kitchen) and hearing what Tyler has to say about the missing girl. Most of the rooms have the chat feature. 

On the second floor, you’ll be reminded of the “Evil Eye,” and you’ll ask Tía for a tarot card reading in the Auntie’s room. There’s also The Darkroom where Bindi does old style photography (because digital doesn’t need a darkroom. 

On the third floor, the theme is “Black Box” where you’ll meet Dr. Vack for an immersive 360 experience where you, like the protagonist in the film, will be looking for long lost memories in The Black Box room. You can also visit The Lab which looks a bit cozy for a lab. 

On the fourth floor, you’ll have access to a few things as you wander through a young girl’s room. The film, “Nocturne,” is about twin sisters–one talented who will be attending Julliard next year and the other an also-ran who is taking a break year. They are both students at the Lindberg Academy but only one of them is scheduled to be in senior music showcase. The latter finds a notebook that belonged to a musical prodigy who recently committed suicide. In The Ballet Room, you’ll see a dance performance. Wandering through The Bedroom, you’ll get access to medical notes and a notebook.  Both the notes and notebook have a code that is hard to crack, but I figured it out and you can, too. 

The whole event is free, but you must RSVP through Eventbrite. It’s fun and it helps to work with friends. Don’t fret if you don’t figure it out. During the last few minutes, you’ll get extra help in the attic to open that door. The solution to the problem draws on one of the films.

: : : SHOW TIMES : : :

October 16 ~ 5:00PM PT / 8:00PM ET doors

October 16 ~ 7:30PM PT / 10:30PM ET doors

October 17 ~ 5:00PM PT / 8:00PM ET doors

October 17 ~ 7:30PM PT / 10:30PM ET doors



Case Files 

Be sure to read the case files before you go in.

Erin Templeton is a student at Lindberg Academy. Her mother, Casey, is a nutritionist, and her father is not known, but her stepfather is Jonathan. Erin has been missing since 14 September 2020.  Her cellphone is (858) 762-3739

Police Report:






Erin’s notebook as an interesting note about candles. You use them for:

  • To get over a bad relationship or job (Mateo! Dr. Vack!)
  • To keep an enemy away (mom!)
  • To make a fresh start (me!)

There’s another phone number:

  • (858) 666-0051

From Erin’s notebook:

Erin spent time with the Latorre family who lives in Blumhouse. Erin works as a lab intern for Dr. Evelyn Vack and Gwen Latorre. 

Tyler Latorre is Erin’s therapist. He’s also the father of Erin’s best friend, Marissa Latorre, a student at Langley, School of Dance. Marissa’s twin, Julianna, died in 2018.  Marissa left Erin at Studio 350 at the Langley School of Dance at 21:00. 

Tyler’s wife, Gwen Vack Latorre, is a research assistant to her mother Evelyn Vack. She has a deceased twin (Edward Vack, d. 2015). 

Alexis Latorre,  Tyler’s sister, is an intuitive and tarot card reader. Alexis gave her a talisman.  She is partners with Bindi Patel, a photographer.

Dr. Evelyn Vack is a neurologist and memory researcher. Her husband Herman Vack died in 1983. Her twin, Eleanor Machado died in 1972. Dr. Vack is employed by the Langley School of Creative Sciences. 

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