‘Captain Marvel’ a Blast at 270-Degree ScreenX Format

ScreenX sounds suspiciously like this would be a made-for-adults format, but with family-oriented action movie like “Captain Marvel” you have a bit more of a rush.

What is ScreenX? You still face forward without special 3D glasses and are watching on a big screen. The room is a black box and you’ll notice the dark corners between the flat screen at the front and the two screens on your sides for the 270-degree effect. What ScreenX adds is the visceral feeling of movement in your peripheral vision. Not all moments of this Marvel blockbuster are projected on all three screens. Smaller, more intimate moments become focus forward with the images only projected on the front screen.

The seats are wide and comfortable. The theater was clean and the crowd pretty well behaved although the lights were turned on too soon–before the credits have finished and the last post-ending scene was shown.

My guest found the darkened corners distracting and sometimes wondered if he shouldn’t be looking around all the time. In which case, I’d say listen before you look. This was my second viewing of the movie and what I noticed is just why Samuel T. Jackson was scene stealing–it was because it the CGI made the lighting just too perfect and at times mismatched the imperfect lighting on

This was my first time to the CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles’s Koreatown (21 S Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90005, Koreatown, Wilshire Center) Your GPS might take you to the front which is on Western. That is valet parking. Go around the back to South Manhattan Place. You might be better off if you try directions for Christ Unity Manor which is on the opposite side or 620 S. Manhattan Place Garage.

The garage itself is narrow and the turns precarious. You don’t want to be in a hurry. The night I went, they had orange cones out to make sure people making the blind turns didn’t cross over the line and every corner have evidence that cars have failed to safely negotiate the turns and scraped the sides.

If it’s convenient give it a try. It is not as in-the-experience as IMAX but it does have that psychological effect of making your feel the rush by engaging your peripheral vision.  This is the first US branch of a South Korean chain that features US blockbusters and Asian films. I’d definitely try this for some Asian flicks that might not be playing in other parts of town.

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