Covering the Golden Globes: Notes from a newbie

As a newbie at the Golden Globes, there were a lot of things that I wish I had known and things I should write down now for future reference.

Get there early

Originally, I wanted to get there at 8 a.m. I know that the red carpet people were supposed to be in place just before noon and I wasn’t doing red carpet, but I like to make sure everything is in place and always try to get a good seat. I got there much later than I thought, about 9:30 a.m. at the parking structure.

If you get there early, you don’t have to worry about the shuttle being too crowded. The shuttle cannot leave if there are people standing. You also don’t have to worry about traffic. You have enough time to spare to deal with car or traffic issues.

I was able to park very close to the elevator. My GPS didn’t recognize the address so I had to circle around and after getting very close, I just used the map provided.

Start preparing earlier

I started gathering things at 4 a.m. and then realized with the rain, there were a few more things I would need..or thought I would. I set out to buy Scotchgard, but couldn’t find it at Safeway. (Is that in the liquor section one clerk responded to my query). My rolling bag has felt teeth that I wanted to preserve so I pondered if I needed wool content stockings and if I should take another dress should mine become muddied.

Then my car had an issue: The dashboard on my Toyota Prius went completely blank. Seriously. I could not see anything, including gas level and speed. Also, it wouldn’t allow me to shut off the engine and take out the key.

That sent me into a panic. I came back and looked into the cause online. I need to exercise my car more often to keep the level up on the battery.

Start really early

I wish I had really at least tried to view all the available TV programs. I can’t get Showtimes and HBO, but there is Netflix and Amazon.

What I packed in my rolling bag:

  • laptop
  • DVD superdrive
  • DVDs I need to review
  • charger for cellphone
  • cord for charger
  • cellphone
  • cord for laptop
  • earbuds
  • battery charger for camera battery
  • camera
  • camera card
  • (camera card spare) I forgot
  • dried fruit (figs)
  • energy bars
  • sparkling water
  • power strip
  • notebook
  • pens
  • umbrella

What I wish I had included:

  • sandwich or packed salad
  • fruit
  • gloves (always adds elegance)
  • cough drops or mints

There is food there you can buy but it is pricey. I took a photo of the special Golden Globe menu and the salad was $20. I don’t need that.

What I packed but could do without:

  • silk underwear
  • wool socks
  • woof scarf
  • wool sweater
  • change of clothes

I was worried about being too cold because I’m generally too cold at banquets and inside of theaters. Also, I had intended to wear a silk dress but changed my mind because it rained. The dress and pants suit I wore was one that would dry quickly and not water stain. I could also stretch out and exercise a bit while waiting. Luckily classic Asian doesn’t go out of style except maybe a kimono. I was wearing an ao dai (Vietnamese traditional dress and pants).

Getting there early, I was let off at the back and needed to walk around to the front. For that, you’ll probably want comfortable shoes. I wore flats. I was glad that I had a long rain coat. The rain had stopped so I didn’t need my umbrella.

My press pass had the wrong designation–I was assigned to the video room and not the press room, but there was an assigned seat for me in the press room. So you don’t need to get there early for a good seat and they don’t change seats–or at least they say they don’t. I did see them change it for one man. No matter

Under the seats is a long power strip connected to another and another. I brought my own. Because I was seated at the end, there were two spare seats. I used one for my stuff. Those seats quickly disappeared as they were taken by the production crew. I was able to be sure that I had enough outlets for my things and could reach it easily.

I then checked to make sure about the wifi. Despite what I was told in the press room by other people, there was free wifi throughout the hotel specifically for the Golden Globes. However, there was a woman using a PC who couldn’t get online. I couldn’t help her, but the press room was already getting crowded.

What did I do with all that time? I always have DVDs that I need to review. I brought four. Only two worked so I listened and watched “Le Nozze di Figaro” during my wait. I needed to do this anyway and could do so without any interruptions by my beloved dogs, the telephone or anyone at the door. So even without the Internet, I would do work. With the Internet, I could also view online screeners.

At about noon, they make us all leave and do a sweep of the rooms for bombs. About 5-6 dogs and their handlers come through.

In the pressroom, I watched parts of the red carpet which was being televised live online. I also was able to watch the TV screens set up to show us the acceptance speeches when the awards ceremony began but the speeches were interrupted when the winners came in to give us their remarks. I didn’t have many good questions and I don’t really thing that many good questions were asked. Maybe next year, I’ll have questions, but I’m shooting photos and typing notes and tweeting so asking questions might be a bit too much.

As the red carpet began, I began to tweet links from to the Best Picture nominees. During the ceremonies, I tried to link up my reviews or reviews from to the tweets as well as YouTube videos that either enhanced or clarified remarks by the winners.

Sometimes the good quotes were too long for a single tweet. I’ll have to make a decision on how I want to do things next time so I’ll be prepared.

Over all, I had a good time, I wish I knew the persons doing the Twitter and Facebook kiosks because I would have liked to check them out.

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