‘The Grounded’ fueled New Age vibes

The Grounded” would work best as a mockumentary. That it isn’t makes is easy to dismiss as a faith-based New Age documentary with beautiful cinematography of vast frozen landscapes.

In the beginning, we are introduced to people living in a cabin in Alaska. They don’t dress like you or me. A quote from a Native American, Luthor Standing Bear is shown, printed on a yellow piece of paper surrounded by candles and an old black and white photo. The music is one of religious grace and the narration mentions the “interconnected life force” of the earth and how we can plug into it easily.

“All we have to do is touch it and become truly alive.” There’s something almost religious and cultish in how this story is told. “Grounded” is ” a true story as the actual events unfolded over thirteen months” we are told.

Director/writer Steve Kroschel is an Alaskan wildlife filmmaker and what he shows us of the Alaskan landscape is beautiful. When we get to the people of his base, Haines, Alaska, we are more likely to have too much shaky-cam and even some blurry shots. Haines, Alaska has a population of 1,700. As Kroschel presents it, with full-force inspirational music usually reserved for business sales talk presentations, the practice of grounding has a miraculous healing power.

I used to like walking barefoot as a child, but when you live in an area with snakes, lizards and scorpions, you have to stop and think if it is sensible. In winter, my feet suffer from not airing out enough because of what I perceive as cold temperatures.

There’s no hard data, but a lot of talking faces and domestic and wild animals including a bear,  Isis the wolf and Karen a moose calf. Kroschel is a true believer and bring along his film crew from National Geographic. This is likely to get more laughs of disbelief from the Caltech crowd, but it isn’t playing in Pasadena. “Grounded” is current playing at the Music Hall in Beverly Hills.

This is not to my taste, but some New Age people might find some worth it “The Grounded” and aspiring filmmakers might find fodder to a mockumentary.

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