‘Psych: The Movie’–Full Summary

In case you’ve forgotten, “Psych: The Movie” began with a Christmas carol and found Shawn Spencer (James Roday) in San Francisco on a ship making a deal with a high profile fence, El Proveedor (Robert LaSardo). Shawn is disguised with a wild wig and a full beard over his half beard. (“Who wear’s a beard over a beard?” or “Who wears a beard beard?”…”Overachievers.”) As it turns out, Shawn was looking for his grandmother’s engagement ring that he wants to give to Juliet (Maggie Lawson).* It also turns out the costume he was wearing was Gus’ Haggard cosplay costume because remember, Gus is a Harry Potter fan. The costume will lead Proveedor to Gus.

Gus is again a pharmaceutical rep, finding a full-time gig 11 days after he moved to San Francisco so that only Shawn is working full-time at their basement office psychphrancisco 偵探社 (zhēntàn shè), in San Francisco’s Chinatown where Shawn is trying to give a Gremlins’ vibe. The office is also “cable car adjacent” and “smelling distance from Ghirdelli Square” because of Gus who Shawn chides, “Don’g be the comma in Earth, Wind and Fire.” Being in Chinatown will come in handy later and not for the rickshaw.

The focal bad guy is not El Proveedor, but the “Thin White Duke” (Zach Levy with bleached blond hair with brassy highlights and dark eyebrows). The Duke accosts his former acquaintance, Juliet’s new partner, Sam Sloane (Sam Huntington) and informed him that he no longer works alone before having him killed. He has Heather Rockrear (Charlotte Flair)and a Black Gentleman Ninja  (Nathan Mitchell).

Earlier in the day, Juliet happened to catch-and-release a certain shoplifter, Karen Vick’s daughter, Iris Vick (Emma Tremblay), but still needs to address Iris’ delinquent ways.  The next day, Juliet goes to Vick’s house to talk about Iris, but Iris begs Juliet not to tell and pinky swears that she’ll not do it again. She was trying to join a clique of girls. Juliet does mention that she’s never met Vick’s husband, Richard, and she doesn’t get to either.  Vick thinks that Juliet came by to discuss her relationship with Shawn that seems stalled, suggesting that maybe marriage isn’t in their future.

“I think the question is: How long you going to wait?” Vick asks. Vick and Juliet learn that Sam has been shot and at the hospital, Vick briefs the other detectives on the case. The Duke took Sam’s dongle (a device that allowed Sam to access the police department system from home).

Gus is again a pharmaceutical rep, finding a full-time gig 11 days after he moved to San Francisco so that only Shawn is working full-time at their basement office psychphrancisco 偵探社 (zhēntàn shè), in San Francisco’s Chinatown where Shawn is trying to give a Gremlins’ vibe. Being in Chinatown will come in handy later and not for the rickshaw.

Outside of the hospital, Shawn and Gus run into Nick Conforth (Ralph Macchio), who still has problems being on the street (“I crumble like pie crust in the field”), but has kept in touch with Sam who was one of his best students. Nick says Sam told him the day before, “No one can be trusted.” It all has to do with “crimes of Juliet” and Sam discovered calls coming from the same burner phone and narrowed the signals down to a tower off of the 18. Shawn and Gus figure out that the spot must be Sunnyvale Mental Hospital which has been condemned and closed for two years.

Who wants to go into a condemned and creepy mental ward that has doors that remind Shawn of a submarine? Gus manages his anxiety by playing Pokemon-Go. Inside, they hear an inhuman sound, and are chased by “a guard dog on a pogo stick holding down the fort.” Using his knowledge from “three and a half episodes of ‘The Dog Whisperer,” Shawn attempts to get the dog to sit, but has to use Gus’ Cherry Chipotle Turkey Jerky to befriend the dog (which at $19 an ounce ends up costing Gus $56 of organic jerky). The dog was a rescue from the Tiger Frances Foundation (the rescue that Maggie Lawson began in 2015).

Inside, the room the dog has been guarding, Shawn and Gus find a high tech control room with evidence that someone has been surveilling Juliet, and with manifesto “The Crimes of Juliet O’Hara” is making her out to be the “Harvey Keitel from ‘Copland.’ ” The Tall Blond Duke and his friends return and Shawn and Gus make their escape with an 11-point turn and the dog, Morrissey (which Shawn goes back for). They go to Vick’s house and give her the dog who does listen to her. Taking Vick back to the mental hospital, they find that all the monitors are gone and that Juliet has traced them there. Juliet tells them to go; she wants to handle this problem alone and convinces Vick to let her go solo on this.

Where they do go to is the Starry Night Telescope Viewing Party at the observatory on Mt. McCumber. Gus meets and is pursued by Selene (Jazmyn Simon). They argue about Pluto and Eris, but share a passionate kiss. Unfortunately, Gus doesn’t want to be chased and he abruptly leaves the telescope party.

Juliet returns to the hospital to find that Sam has coded and died and that someone, (Heather escaping in pink scrubs) has attacked the floor and killed him.

The next morning, Juliet, Shawn and Gus go to the morgue where the head coroner Dr. Butterfly McMillan (Julianna Guill) tells them how Sam was murdered: asphyxiation and finds Sam’s dongle in his stomach. When McMillan puts the dongle into a computer, only one file is on it: “The Crimes of Juliet O’Hara.”

Gus and Shawn also learn that Woody was fired from his position in Sacramento due to a chili dog mishap and has now ended up in San Francisco as an assistant to McMillan.

Selene has used social media to track Gus down and has done her due diligence to learn as much as she can about him online and off (called his mother to get the fluffernutter sandwich recipe), which brings up Mesopotamian Pomeranian. She leaves Gus with a sandwich and her romantic resumé.

Back at the Psych office, El Proveedor turns up and is about to kill Shawn until he decides to test Shawn’s psychic powers when Shawn reads three tarot cards. From those cards, he makes three predictions and El Proveedor will come back and kill Shawn if the predictions don’t come true.

At Juliet’s place later that day, they learn about the crimes of Juliet–cases where she did not strictly follow police protocol in order that the perpetrators don’t get off on a technicality. She can’t figure out which one it would be until Shawn realizes one of the photos was taken across the street. Looking out, Shawn sees the Tall Thin Duke. The threesome go downstairs and into the street as does the Duke and then the Duke runs back inside his building. The Duke escapes.

The gang might not want it, but it Is Christmas and Henry arrives at Juliet’s apartment to help out with the investigation. Juliet is frustrated because she still wants to handle this on her own. Shawn insists he won’t let her because they are a team. Juliet calls and talks to Lassiter who remains in Santa Barbara.

That evening, Shawn wakes up and discovers Mary, whom was supposedly killed by Yin,  in the kitchen. They talk and sing. They are jointed by  a talking pony in a onesie and Gus as Prince and Juliet as Princess Leia. Shawn tells Mary he’s troubled about the ring, but Mary tells him not to sweat it and breaks into the song “Allison Road by Gin Blossoms. Shawn realizes he is dreaming but isn’t sure what it means as Henry, annoyed by Shawn singing in his sleep awakens his son.

Elsewhere, Iris breaks up with the clique of girls over the phone, but gets kidnapped by the Thin Tall Duke. The Duke meets Chief Vick, Juliet, Shawn, Gus, Henry and Woody at the dock and he forces them to go to Alcatraz which is currently under renovation. The Duke is shot dead by Allison Cowley (Mena Suvari) who wants a re-match with Juliet while the rest of the gang search for Iris who is hidden somewhere in the building near a bomb that will soon detonate. Despite seeing Allison gun down the Duke, Heather and the Gentleman Ninja try to kill the gang.

During this, Shawn regrets not asking and marrying Juliet despite not having the ring; Gus regrets not getting together with Selene. But in the end, the gang beats the mercenary assassins, find Iris and defuse the bomb.

Back in San Francisco at the dock, they are accosted by El Proveedor, but he’s quite pleased since all of Shawn’s predictions came true. He also has found the ring (because unlike Shawn, El Proveedor is willing to break a few legs). Shawn proposes, Gus cries and Juliet and Shawn are married with Chief Vick as the matron of honor.

Before Shawn has a chance to slice a pineapple up for the road, Juliet’s brother, Ewan O’Hara (John Cena) drops in and he needs a Kevlar vest. It looks like plans for a Jamaica honeymoon with Gus and his new girlfriend, Selene (Jazmyn Simon) will have to change, but we won’t find out about that adventure.

The movie was dedicated to Terry Goldman. Shawn Spencer wears a T-shirt in the last scene that reads, #TeamGrimmie in honor of a singer, Christina Grimmie,  who was on the voice, but died (10 June 2016) after being shot. She was a fan of the show.

“Psych: The Movie” is available online via NBC.com or you can stream on Amazon Prime Video.

*This is how the last episode in the series ended, with Shawn (helped and hindered by Gus) proposed to Juliet and Shawn and Gus driving the stolen driver training car with Juliet in the back, driving off in pursuit of the ring thief.

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