Press release: Pasadena Museum of History


The Colorado Street Bridge: Centennial Exhibition

Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Gallery 

Opening on November 20


For a century the Colorado Street Bridge has become a symbol of achievement in preservation, engineering, and civic pride – an object of art and inspiration. On the occasion of the bridge’s centennial, this comprehensive exhibition will feature the work of local artists, photographers, writers, and designers who have portrayed the iconic structure over the past 100 years. The exhibit will pay homage to the people who built and preserved a beloved local landmark: the architects, the engineers, the builders, the civic leaders, and the community organizers who worked tirelessly to make it possible.


Sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers, Los Angeles Section and Andrew Machen.




Kites, Wings, & Other Flying Things: Pasadena’s History of Flight through Art, Science, & Design

Willis Stork Gallery

Opening on November 20  


From the kite through the space age, this exhibition examines the artistry and engineering behind rapidly advancing aeronautical technologies, as well as Pasadena’s key place in the story of flight. Humankind’s aspiration to flight began with the kite, an item that epitomizes the intersection of science and artistry. Kites in Southern California were influenced by Asian and European cultures, which we illustrate through kites on loan from local collectors that explore the history and variety of local kites.


From gliders and dirigibles to rockets and space exploration, California was the nexus of the development of flight in the 20th century.  Southern California, including the city of Pasadena, was indelibly marked by this industry.  For more than a century, Pasadena has enthusiastically embraced aeronautics, through eager spectators, visionary inventors, daring aviators, and savvy entrepreneurs.  An aviation timeline, illustrated with images from the Museum’s vast collection of photographs, will explore the development of this quintessentially twentieth-century industry from Pasadena’s point of view. Related artifacts and ephemera documenting the industry will also be on display.


Made possible in part by the Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission and the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division.




Images:  Top: The Bridge Today by Tavo Olmos; Bottom: Knabenshue dirigible over the Raymond Hotel (Main Photo Collection, A9-1d)

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