Damage to our car rear headlight prevented us from attending Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo and spending as much money as we might have. Sunday was devoid of the fantastic robot and the Cosplay contest, but you could still wander about and have plenty of fun.

With less people and crowds and minimal waiting time, Comikaze is more family-friendly than the chaotic San Diego Comic-Con and Disney’s biennial D23 Convention. Moreover skank-level was much lower than either San Diego Comic-Con and Wonder-Con so young families with young kids can relax.

Two-time Emmy Award winning standup comedian Louie Anderson was at Comikaze both Saturday and Sunday. So was my favorite, Weird Al Yankovic. Yankovic commented that this was his first comic convention on the west coast and his second all time.


We weren’t impressed with the film screening program this year, but did see a long line for the Camilla D’Errico panel in room 306AB. There were plenty of panels and we were able to track down the man behind Anomaly Productions. More on that later, but for now a slideshow of Sunday at Comikaze.

Here’s some photos from Friday: