Get ready to get a little Gorey; Edwardian Ball returns to Los Angeles

Feeling a bit dark? Wishing for twisted romance and even a bit of dancing in costume? Paradox Media and Vau de Vire present the Los Angeles 203 Edwardian Ball on Saturday, 23 February 2013 at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.

Who should come? Anyone who loves Edward Gorey because that’s the Edward in Edwardian. Goths, steam punk people and anyone who enjoys fractured fairytales that veer into the macabre will find the Edwardian Ball just their cup of absinthe. If you need an excuse to dress up, this ball is sure to please and if your costume isn’t quite right, well this is the perfect shopportunity.

The ball started in San Francisco where it is a two-day event held at the Regency Ballroom (18-19 January 2013). After 13 years, this event is well established. Last year, the Los Angeles event, was threatened by catastrophe–but not the kind that would be considered Gorey-esque. If we could find the dastardly Music Box owners who absconded with the pre-paid monies that Edwardian Ball hosts Rosin Coven and Vau de Vire Society put up and put them in black tie and tails and give them villainous moustaches that might help.

The owners actually left about 15 pre-booked in the lurch and the Los Angeles one-day edition of the Edwardian Ball was re-scheduled in one month and staged at a 21-and-over only venue, the Belasco Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Switching to the Belasco and coming up with the money last year was “very challenging” according to Justin Katz.  “It was too much to ask to cover all the expenses” after having lost their payment in full with the Music Box. “The Edwardian Ball team really came through,” Katz said with pride.

The first Los Angeles Edwardian Ball was in 2009 and according to Justin Katz in a phone interview in 2011 that event was as “about as easy to produce an event in a bomb crater.” The next ball, 2011, was at the Music Box with about 20 vendors and many of the same acts who perform at the San Francisco ball.

In a more recent phone interview, Katz stated that despite the problems with the Music Box management, the organizers consider the Fonda Theatre the perfect venue. “The Ford is under the direct management of the Golden Voices and we’ve worked with the Golden Voices in San Francisco and they are wonderful people.”

If you came last year, this year promises to be better with a completely different show. As always, the Edwardian Ball takes a Gorey story and uses it as a theme. This year’s theme is “The Doubtful Guest.” Unfamiliar with the story? See the link below:

Perhaps you’re disappointed that Los Angeles has only one day of all that’s Gorey. Consider that Los Angeles is the first step in what might be a road show. According to Katz this in-and-out one-day festivity might pave the way for additional shows. The Edwardian Ball folk would love to do New York City or Seattle or Portland. “I dream of what we could do in New Orleans,” Katz revealed. Oh, wouldn’t that be just the place to get gothic in a hot and humid, possibly vampirish way? “Each city has a unique flavor,” Katz explained and should the Edwardian Ball become a road show, the cast and crew would respond to the character of the city.

So get ready for an entirely new show with entirely new fashion. Katz advises, “Have fun dressing up. There’s no right or wrong way to dress for the Edwardian Ball. Choose something outside of your everyday life. Be playful with your own character.”

You might be able to add a bit to your costume by finding a great hat or hairpiece at the show. Come early because the show begins when the doors open and the ballroom dancing usually starts before the show. Don’t forget to sign up for a tarot card reading by Owl Tree. The sign up fills up fast. You’ll also get a chance to record your finery at a portrait booth.

The Los Angeles 2013 Edwardian Ball includes the following vendors:

*Coppersmith Design

*Lyons Mercantile & Steampunk Jewelry Co.


*Edwardian Ball Merchandise – featuring many limited addition items!

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