Comic-Con Revolution: Low Key Fun in Ontario

We took a long drive to the Ontario Convention Center to see an artist we admired (Travis Hanson) at the Comic-Con Revolution 21-22 May 2022. This is a low-key comic-con where you have time to meet artists–some old and some new.  And you can make your own discoveries.

The building is quiet and looks relatively new. Parking was easy to find and if you get there early, you can find street parking. Otherwise, it’s just $10.

There’s no big rush or long lines. We went on a Sunday morning. You could get discounted tickets if you bought them online the night before–a difference between $17 to $35.

It’s an easy two-hour quick walk through, but if you’re really interested in artists or other geeky things like science and shopping, maybe three to four hours.

Because the con is so low-key, you have plenty of time to talk to the artists.

You can see Travis Hanson (“Life of the Party: Realities of an RPG’er”):

We did see some cosplay including one really amazing one. So if you need to try out your latest cosplay creation, this is a good place to do it. Think of it as a rehearsal before a bigger con like Los Angeles Comic-Con or Long Beach Comic-Con. You’d definitely want to try these out before you hit something major like San Diego Comic-Con.

The artists we discovered:

  • Carissa Williams: Lovely dinosaur enamel pins. Etsy shop: The Onion Cake Store
  • Amazing bat-shaped facemarks.












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