5 Things You Need to Know About Van Gogh Immersive

Do you love being engulfed in lush visuals and have an affection for Vincent Van Gogh, then definitely go immersive.

  1. Vincent Van Gogh originally had a drab palette until he was exposed to Japanese printmaking. 
  2. There’s a myth that Van Gogh put candles on the brim of his hat and you’ll see that in the immersive experience.
  3. The sound system is loud; Take earplugs if your ears are sensitive.
  4. There are two rooms. The first one has mirrors. The second one has socially-distanced seating. Dress comfortably. 
  5. You can also get an overhead view in the second room.

Not all of the transitions are smooth and remember that if you liked Van Gogh’s landscapes and still-life paintings, you’ll also have to sit through his portraits.

The Van Gogh Immersive does not validate parking and is at the old Amoeba Records building (6400 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood). The 55,000 square foot building features a 25,000 square foot exhibit space. Emmy Award-winning and Tony Award-nominated designer David Korins (“Hamilton” and “Dear Evan Hansen”) designed venue-specific  experience you will never forget.

The Van Gogh Immersive Los Angeles experience runs until 2 January 2022. Tickets begin at $39.99


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