Doctor Who Valentine’s Day

When you meet a chocolate Dalek, you’ve no choice but to destroy it and what better way than by eating it? These cookies and cream Daleks ($16.50) are much yummier than Dalek the doctor has battled with. You won’t have to worry about the battle of the bulge is you limited yourself to one and give the other to your truest Whovian companion.

If you’re looking for an escape from this time and place, you’ll want a Tardis. The larger one (also with cookies and cream filling) is $30.

You can get a smaller one (in chocolate brown) with a Dalek for $13.20. 

If Weeping Angels, don’t blink! These two are $16.50 and you won’t have to worry if you eat them. Don’t let them sit because when you blink they may suspiciously disappear.

Truffle  Cottage  is  a  small  business  suffering  a  60  percent  pandemic  setback  in  business.  Money  spent  will  help  them   survive.

The Truffle Cottage is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah and ships nationwide. For Valentine’s Day, you need to order by 8 February 2021. Contact them by visiting

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