Bite Marks and TV Crime Solving: A ‘Innocence Files’ Follow Up

After watching “The Innocence Files,” I looked up and watched the episodes on “NCIS,” “Criminal Minds” and “Law & Order: SVU” that featured bite marks.


Season 3, Episode 9: “Frame Up”

Teens are having a party at night in the forest. Marines tell them to they are not supposed to be there and while clearing the kids out, they find legs but no body. In the lab, Ducky points out a circular cut in the skin. Ducky suspects it might be someone trying to remove a bite mark and notes that killers post-Ted Bundy do this because one of the physical evidence used against Bundy was a bite mark. Ducky believes they might be able to get a bite mark from the underlying tissue.

NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior is framed for the murder by a team member. Abigail Sciuto makes the match (featured in “The Innocence Files”) using computer 3D graphics program but also figures out what happened.

In this episode, there are flashback so “Honor Code” (Season 3, Episode 7) and “Under Covers” (Season 3, Episode 8).

Criminal Minds:

Season 4, Episode 12: “Soul Mates”

The BAU team suspects a member of an affluent community in Atlanta is responsible for the disappearance of Missy DeWald. However, her body (with bite marks) appears while they have their main suspect, William Harris, in custody. The bite marks do not come from Harris, but Harris has a “soul mate,” Steven Baleman.

Harris has a daughter, Andrea, who is a bit younger than the murder victims, but when she disappears, the BAU team puts the pressure on Harris because they now know he has a partner in crime.

Season 9, Episode 18: “Rabid”

Bodies covered with bite marks–both animal and human–turn up in a shallow grave outside of Milwaukee. Garcia and Reid prepare for a fitness exam. 

This episode fittingly touches on rabies and bats. The bite marks show that one of the victims bit another.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 

Season 6, Episode 3 “Bite Me”

When a woman dies on her staircase, the team uncovers marital infidelity and an even bigger secret during their investigation. 

There are bite marks, but this is totally unrelated to the crime and instead the husband of the dead woman meets with a dentist who has a bite fetish.

Season 4, Episode 3 “Homebodies”

Grissom and Warrick uncover a mummified corpse locked in a closet from a prior home invasion. Nick and Sara investigate a break-in where they find similar evident to Grissom’s case.

The bite is found in a piece of cake.

Law & Order: SVU

Season 6, Episode 12, “Identity”

A gang (Stone Cold Assassins) member is killed from a fall off a roof after an attempted sexual assault, and the alleged victim has a deep dark secret.

Luis Vega (Jarett Gonzalez) is the victim and the bite was on his penis. Katie  (Regan Thompson) is deaf-mute and although she is suspected, it turns out to be another person. There will be no bite mark matches on the dead dude’s penis, but we learn that someone had his penis removed and there will be two more murders (Katie and a doctor) before the case is somewhat resolved.

Season 8, Episode 4, “Uncle”

A senile homeless man (guest star Jerry Lewis) shocks one of the SVU detectives. 

The late Jerry Lewis appears as the uncle of Munch, but while he is initially a suspect, the real culprit dies. In the post-Ted Bundy world of rapists who bite, this guy has wised up He bits the women and slashed to cover the marks.



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