Snow in San Diego, the Walking Dead, Whisperers and Vampires

If you’re looking for bloody scares and chilly times, San Diego Comic-Con activations don’t disappoint. This year, both FX and Deadquarters have brought activations that continue to thrill fans.

The FX Fearless Forum is free, but you have to pre-register. You can do that online, but if you use your middle initial for your signature, don’t when you’re making your electronic signature. If you do, you’ll get an error message. The Fearless Forum will protect you from a San Diego sunburn by supplying you with free sunscreen at dispensers and you can get a custom-made hat—by choosing a logo from some select FX programs (“American Horror Story,” “Archer,” “What We Do in the Shadows,” “Mayans”) to keep your nose from burning (Get SPF’d Up). 

You can line up to join a day camp experience that quickly goes wrong (“American Horror Story”). People disappear. You have to make your way single file through the darkened woods, hoping to safely reach Cabin 9, but will you really be safe?

If you want to really chill, you can visit a small room of a Victorian era inspired drawing room where you can enjoy the AC, have a blood sickle  or see what you’d look like transforming into a vampire. The show, “What We Do in the Shadows” looks like a lot of fun is you’re ready not to take vampires too seriously and see how they deal with regular life in the 21st Century.

The Deadquarters was the site for an unscheduled spillage of blood and a local man resisted arrest. It’s weird to realize fans of the show were standing in line on Thursday morning and witnessed a real pool of blood gathering as the police waited for paramedics. Hopefully, people aren’t deadened to the horror of real blood. When I passed the area again on Sunday, you couldn’t tell anything adverse had happened there.

Inside the Deadquarters activation, my companion quickly left me instead of trying to get past the Walking Dead as you try to investigate a fallen aircraft in a radiation zone. Don’t worry…things get worse. Transported to another time and another clime, we joined a group trying to make it through snow and ice to a safe house while traveling through Whisperer territory. Walking Dead and Whisperers were everywhere and the wet snow did not help. Just remember to not let go of the rope!

My advice for anyone attending SDCC or any activations: Be prepared to run, slip and slide in the activations so wear close-toed shoes that will not slip off. When one of our group said she lost her shoe, we were all more than willing to leave her behind.

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