Disneyland’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge 4-Hour Reservation Edition

If you’re one of the lucky making it into Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland during the reservation period (until June 23), you’ll want to prioritize.

There will always be time for shopping and even the only ride now available, but other things have limited space. We went the second weekend on the first shift (Friday, 8-12). Getting there early for “Bright Suns” was a plus because there is a special entrance on the far right for Galaxy’s Edge Reservations.

You’ll be allowed in ahead of the actual 8 a.m. Disneyland open time.  If you missed you morning coffee, don’t worry. The Starbuck’s on the Main Street will be open and operational, however, for registration your whole party needs to be present. You walk past the Astro Orbitor into Tomorrowland. After passing the Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, you enter the Star Wars Launch Bay. The Launch Bay is where you’ll receive your reservation wristband and have to show your government issued identification. There are Star Wars related items displayed in glass cases that you can gawk at if there’s a line and once you get your wristband, you hit the first Star Wars shopping area.

Once you get registered, you’ll still need to walk a bit, passing the Matterhorn and through Fantasyland before you reach Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and are “on planet.” The first think you’ll see is the Milk Stand which offers blue or green milk–slushies of a hard to determine flavor. Green milk is supposedly from the female tala-sirens that was Luke Skywalker sipped on Ahch-To in “The Last Jedi.” The blue milk as first seen in the first installment of the original Star Wars trilogy and supposedly produced by female banthas. At Galaxy’s Edge both green and blue miles are a mix of coconut and rice milks with mysterious flavorings.

If eating and drinking are your thing, then start out by lining up for a reservation for Oga’s Cantina. We didn’t go because drinking alcoholic beverages isn’t our thing. Our foodie and D23 friend, Tei Brandel and her group did go. In a phone interview, she recalled they spent about 30 minutes in line for that and got a comeback time 2 hours later (delivered by text). Once back, “We waited a little bit. Inside, is a really big bar through the middle of it and a corner that goes around. There are alcoves where there are booths as well.” The animation DJ Rex is toward the left and besides spinning tunes, he clips some Star Wars themed jokes. There’s a specific drink menu of pre-mixed drinks. If you’re expecting a show, maybe in the future but for now it is all about the atmosphere and the drinks, some of which are non-alcoholic. My friend went for a blue wine that was dry and delicious. Her wife had something that was perfectly peachy and made her lips tingle. Some other drinks have mysterious smoky quality to them (dry ice?).  You can also pluck down some bucks to purchase some pricey mugs. In all, my friend was in the Cantina for 30-40 minutes.

If you want to lay down $200 or more for a custom designed light saber, go to the scrapyard and line up for Savi’s Workshop as soon as possible because they only take groups of 14 at a time (you can bring one friend). There’s a waiting area and it fills up fast. You can’t see what happens from the outside either. We didn’t go, but I interviewed two others who did. There’s a bit of ceremony involved and customization not only includes color and style but also crystals that can change the color of the light. The color crystals can be swapped out.  Sound is included.

The themes are Peace and Justice, Power and Control, Elemental Nature and Protection and Defense. With Peace and Justice you get “scraps” from Jedi temples and crashed star ships in Republic-era designs.  Power and Control is for those who travel on the dark side with remnants from Sith homeward and abandoned temples. Elemental Nature brings the natural world feel with Brylark trees, Cartusion whale bones and Rancor teeth. Protection and Defense features motifs and inscriptions from the “ancient wellspring of the Force.” Once finished, Yoda appears to give you inspiration, even if you’re on the dark side.

From the perspective of an eight-year-old hand size, the shafts are too thick and heavy and the overall sabers are a little long for someone the size of a 12-year-old. I have my own light saber (purple) which is light, shorter and cost less (but no sound).

If the line is cut off for your time slot, you’ll be told something like they’re out of scrap.

You’re more likely to get into the Black Spire Outpost’s industrial depot. The line for the droid building workshop is monitored. The first time we went the line was too long, but the third time was a charm. You can also go in just to watch or look at other merchandise. The line for droid building is on the left-hand side and you’ll see the outside components and colors you can choose from with either building on the basic R2D2 or the BB8 body style. I choose an all purple BB8 with a rebel personality ($120). While you’re waiting, if you can (by leaving a buddy in line), wander over to the right hand side where you can listen to the “personality” chips (an extra $13) that are available (smuggler, rebel or first order).

Once you’ve paid and gotten your basket, you go to a conveyer belt that brings out the components. Grab the one’s you want and put them in your basket. Once you have all your components, you then go to the assembly area. Once you’ve put your droid together, you’ll get a character to assist you in activating your droid and linking it up to your remote control unit. My BB8, Murasaki, isn’t the only droid at my house and her color matches my lightsaber. Your droid gets its own pet carrier.

The main reason to go is to fly the Millennium Falcon. In your four-hour slot, you’ll have time to hit the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run three to four times. Each run requires a six person crew: two pilots, two gunners and two engineers. The engineers sit at the back and have the least work to do, but help with the docking and probably get the least confusing ride because they can watch what’s happening. The gunners provide protection when you’re being attacked and you get scored on how many enemies you downed and the accuracy of your shooting. The pilot on the left controls side to side motion. The pilot on the right controls up and down. There will be plenty of backseat driving. Every run we were on people screamed, “Pull up, pull up,” and still the pilots crashed.

For those 12-years-old and under (38-inch height requirement for the ride), piloting will be difficult because you have to lean forward while your seatbelt is on and you might not be able to stabilize with your feet. Still, you can crash and the ride won’t come to a grinding halt. You’ll get a personal score for how well you accomplished your duties and an overall score.  Once out you’ll have a chance to visit the “hydrator.”

I’m more of the school, if you’re going to ride, don’t eat.  Our friends, the foodies, tried to sample everything and spent their money on that instead of merchandise. They reported that all the food is good and the servings hearty.

Remember, if you’re older than 14, you can’t wear a costume, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy one. We were in line with a really cute Princess Leia one time and a stormtrooper another.

There’s plenty of shopping at Galaxy’s Edge, including lightsabers and carrying bags in a muted green for them that are different from the ones you get at the black ones you get at Savi’s Workshop. The only shop we missed was the plushies-Creature Stall. We do already have a Star Wars themed plushie and he may be lonely, but that’s something to look forward to in the future.

From time to time, the Stormtroopers will make their rounds to check your credentials, but they won’t arrest you, even if your husband volunteers you. Even if you didn’t get your reservations in, go for a chance to pilot the Millennium Falcon.

If you want to be ready for the local Batuu lingo while visiting the Black Spire outpost here’s a refresher:

  • Good morning: Bright suns.
  • Good evening: Rising moons.
  • In the land: On planet.
  • Bathroom: Refresher
  • Water fountain: hydrator
  • Greeting for the Resistance: Ignite the spark.
  • Resistance callback: Light the fire
  • I don’t know: Only the ancients know.
  • Farewell: Til the spire.
  • Informal goodbye: Good journey
  • Formal goodbye: May the spires keep you.
  • Leaving Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Being off world.













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