Lackluster ‘Grey Lady’ Features ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ McSteamy

The best part of John Shea’s “Grey Lady” is McSteamy from “Grey’s Anatomy” is the lead. Eric Dane’s handsome mug can’t save this leaden mystery that takes place on Nantucket Island, the supposed Grey Lady of the title.

Dane began as a guest during the second season of “Grey’s Anatomy and was a main cast member from Season 3 to Season 9. Now in its 13th Season, “Grey’s Anatomy” has managed to continue without both McSteamy and McDreamy. Having left when both Patrick Dempsey and Dane were hunks-in-residency on that series, I can’t tell you much more about their characters. I can say that on the small screen their Dempsey and Dane managed to provide enough charisma in their respective characters to make heterosexual women’s hearts race.

In “Grey Lady,” Dane delivers lines that drop like a lead sinker into the murky brine of this murder mystery. The movie begins promising steam, but that’s instead of heat, we get a cold body. While investigating a suspicious call, Boston homicide detective Doyle (Dane) and his partner-in-bed and at the office, Maggi Wynn (Rebecca Gayhart), are ambushed. Doyle is shot with Wynn’s gun and Wynn is shot with Doyle’s gun.

Put on leave, but not willing to leave the trail, Doyle ends up on Nantucket because Wynn’s murder seems to be connected with his family’s past. On Nantucket he received a warning from the local law, Chief Maguire (John Shea), but he also gets a little romance.

As a director Shea is unable to capture any of Dane’s McSteamy charm and the scenes, with and without Dane, are stagnant. With McDreamy make a few respectable films as a leading man, one hopes that soon McSteamy will find suitable big screen vehicles, but “Grey Lady” isn’t going to be one of them.

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