Stan Lee’s Comikaze brings out the best–gourmet food trucks

Last year, we lamented the lack of food choices. Besides the usual fare inside the Los Angeles Convention Center, there were only three food trucks last year and the choices weren’t exactly inspired. This year, was a delightful surprise. After waiting in two different car lines (one parking area filled up and we were waved off to another–our fault because we got a late start), we passed more than a few food trucks. Six were parked outside the LA Convention Center and another dozen or so were parks kitty corner in an open parking lot.

That, of course, means that you don’t even have to have tickets to enter Stan Lee’s Comikaze to enjoy the food. If you just happen to be in the downtown area or if you want to sample some Los Angeles fusion cuisine, then by all means head out with your friends and get ready to chow down.

Outside the convention center on Saturday were Tokyo Doggie Style, Mangia and Me So Hungry on one side and just a quick walk away were Oh My Gaga, Chancho’s Taco and Greenz on Wheelz. On the corners were street corner vendors with sizzling sausage.

In the lot across the street, at the L.A. City Parking lot on 1260 W. Figueroa, you could see Mustache offering free samples of Italian Ice. but also one of our favorites: India Jones (Indian cuisine). Besides that there was Angie’s Wieners, Luckdish Curry, Jogasaki Sushi Burrito, Roll ‘n Lobster, The Might Boba Truck, Piaggio on Wheels, White Rabbit, CJ’s Sweet-Tooth Cravings, Let’s Roll It, Trailer Park Truck, Cheese Burger, Home Boy Industry,  Phantom Truck, Tornado Potato and Bool BBQ.

Sunday at the grub lot, will me mostly the same: Luckdish Japanese Curry. Me So Hungry, Bool BBQ, Trailer Park Truck, Phantom Truck, Hungry Nomad, Tornado Potato, White Rabbit Truck, Grilled Cheese Truck, Jogasaki Sushi Burrito, Let’s Roll It, Dogtown Dogs, Angie’s Weiners, and Philly Phil’s Italian Ice.

We tried the Phantom because it is hard to resist a Peking duck taco, a pork belly taco and a Peking duck melt sandwich. The Peking duck was too sweet for me and the pork belly was also sweet. Ian thought the Peking duck taco was okay but didn’t expect the pork belly to be sweet.  He also felt the cheese in the melt sandwich was too strong.

There is no place to sit in the grub lot and shade is found in the shadows of your nearest gourmet food truck. You can also cross back over to the L.A. Convention Center side where there are benches outside and places to sit inside.

Stan Lee’s Comikaze continues Sunday, opening at 9 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m. in the South Hall. Parking at the L.A. Convention Center is $15. Surrounding areas are higher with most running $20-$25. Get there early or you might find yourself waiting in two or three different car lines as the parking spaces fill up.

While this pop culture convention has certain grown, it is still not as crowded as the San Diego Comic-Con. You can still walk on the streets and sidewalks. People are orderly and for the most part polite. It is not wall-to-wall people precariously almost spilling out into the traffic.


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