Last chance to see Miwa Matreyek’s visual wonders

Miwa Matreyek brings two visual story performances to the REDCAT. The performances sold out so quickly, that a Sunday evening performance was addd. Act quickly.

This is the kind of performance that you can take your whole family to enjoy. The first piece, “Myth and Infrastructure,”  is 20 minutes and after a brief pause, the second piece, “This World Made Itself,”  is 30 minutes.

“Myth and Infrastructure” will take you across seascapes, cityscapes and other places. The animation is richly layered and the shadow play is deceptively simple, giving the performance a dream-like quality that recalls childhood innocence.

“This World Made Itself” runs a little long, but there’s plenty of beautifully realized imagery to give your own imagination a tickle and reawaken it.

The final show is Sunday, 7 p.m. Tickets are $20 for general admission, $16 for REDCAT members and students and $10 for CalArts Students, faculty and staff members. For tickets, visit the REDCAT website.

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