December seems to be the time when we now watch “The Sound of Music” and I’m one of those musical lovers who knows all the words of “My Favorite Things.”  I don’t totally agree with Maria and a lot has changed since the 1930s and 1940s.

I’m a shopper who happily doesn’t celebrate Christmas (because I’m not Christian) and that means I hit the holiday sales to prepare for my gift-giving season. I also have gifts stored for the proper occasion.

So if you’re getting ready for your real shopping, here’s a few items that make my favorite things list.

Fred & Friends has something to bring whimsy to your life. Want some Funnyside up skull for breakfast? Or a wise owl eggs?

Then there are those fantastic dinosaur bones cookie cutters or the Gingerdead man.

Want a ship to sail you to Never Never Land? This doesn’t come with Captain Hook, but it does come in five colors: a kite in the shape of a ship.  The Sailing Ship Kite is only $40.


Hapticlab has other more normal shaped kites (diamond, sled, pilot) in different combined patterns ($38-$46).


I also love their quilts. Know someone interested in astronomy? They have a Constellation Quilt ($279). For your NYC friend, a quilt with a map of NYC. There are other cities: Boston, Chicago, London, Paris, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Rome and Washington D.C. ($279-$450).

GL_overall_grande has microscopes in different including a purple Levenhuk 50L ($99.95).  Other colors include lime, rose, orange and white.

You can also get a “Rocking with Hawking” sticker ($2.95).

How about a Star Trek Red Shirt “Expendable” T-shirt ($19.99)?