Q: Now that Halloween horror-movie recommendations are out of the way, what’s a scary movie that doesn’t scary you at all?

As part of my continued effort to understand Japanese culture and film, I watched the 2002 “Ju-on: The Grudge.” Directed by Takashi Shimizu and currently on Netflix, I was lured to watch this alone except for my dogs on the basis of the top review on Netflix which claimed “this movie made a room full of guys scream like a bunch of little girls.” I’m a little girl and I didn’t find it particularly scary.

The movie did so well that it became a series under director Takashi Shimizu and inspired three American movies, “The Grudge,” also directed by Shimizu with Sarah Michelle Gellar as the main character, Karen.

The 2002 film is the third in the Japanese series and the only one of the Japanese series to received a theatrical release. The other two were straight to video.

I do love the 1999 Takashi Miike Japanese movie, “Audition,” but mostly because I delight in seeing how men react. I recommend that all men with yellow fever watch this movie at least once a month until cured. You might add “In the Realm of the Senses” to that treatment schedule.

The most frightening movie I have ever seen is “Chasing Ice.”