Pass on ‘The ABCs of Death’

From the letter A, you know this is going to be gory. This movie, “The ABCs of Death” is one of those artful cooperative exercises with many directors and writers, patching together a work made out of separate pieces. In this case, we have 26 short films by 26 different directors all considering the subject of death in respect to a letter of the alphabet.  Death is part of the human condition, but you don’t have to make this movie part of your life.

Sure, since death and, for most of us, taxes are unavoidable, we all should ponder our final journey, but “The ABCs of Death” isn’t contemplative.

This isn’t quaintly morose or morbid as you’d find with the late Edward Gorey. This is gore–sliced body parts, blood sprays and mutilation along with some titillation. There’s also nudity, lingering shots of women’s butts and breasts, making this ABC very adult in nature.

To begin with “A is for Apocalypse” and a woman decides she can no longer wait to kill her husband and she does it in various torturous ways–using a knife and hot liquids. He dies slowly enough that she has enough time to explain. There’s also pure horror as with “B Is for Bigfoot” and humorous such as “F Is for Fart.”

This could have been good, but mostly this movie is something you might watch when you have time to pass or are too tired, drunk or stoned to change the channel or if you can’t find the remote. This anthology won a Leo for Greg Ng for Best Picture Editing in a Short Drama. In English, Spanish, Japanese, Germans, French and Korean with English subtitles. This can be viewed in Amazon Prime VoD for free.

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