Tots and teens can practice tap on the Dance Dot

Love to tap, but also love your floors? Of do you have wall-to-wall carpeting that kills the clackety clack of your metal plates? You know you need to practice to improve your tap and take yourself to the next level. But how? Try the Dance Dot. It’s portable and packable, and it protects your floors. Your parents or landlords will love you better for it.

I only took one semester of tap dancing and found I wasn’t particularly talented. I’m better at flamenco and I haven’t dug my nail hardened flamenco shoes into the Dance Dot because I wanted to keep it look lovely until after this product review.

With my limited abilities, I dug out my bright black patent leather tap shoes attempted to remember a few tap steps to test the Dot. The Dancing Dot is pretty and bright. Some boys might object to the pink. It might be too pretty and precious. Maybe a bit of spray paint could take care of that.

The surface is a bit slippery. No doubt a bit of fine sandpaper would cure that problem. The underside has a soft rubber backing that keeps the Dot from slip sliding away as you’re attempting to tap.

The dot is light, but rigid. The Dot is made from tempered Masonite which is the same material used for old performance stages.

Because the Dot is rigid, you won’t be able to roll it up and stow it in your kid’s backpack. When you strike the Dancing Dot, it doesn’t have that sharp tap that you want to hear on stage. Yet that kind of sound wouldn’t be kind to your neighbors or those sharing your residence. So there’s a bit of muffling and it’s a good thing.

Third-generation tap dancer Jackie Covas developed the Dance Dot with her husband Codey Birten. Covas knows tap. Her mother and grandmother have been teaching tap in the South Bay for thirty years and Covas was born in the South Bay–Torrance. Covas also taught tap dancing and worked as a dancer. Because when she traveled, she couldn’t always find a place to practice, she brainstormed with her husband and the result is the Dance Dot.

“We wanted to create something that was colorful and fun. Something that families could easily use in their homes and on-the-go.”

Currently the 2-foot diameter Dance Dot costs $75 and weighs about 3.5 pounds. For  someone who needs more space, you can purchase the DDPro for $129. The DDPro is 34 -inches in diameter and under 10 lbs.

If you got a serious tapper or want to tap at home without scuffing and scratching your floors up, this is an option worth trying. For more information about the Dance Dot visit Then tap and tap some more until your tapping into excellence.

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