If you have the opportunity to watch this short subject film by Grace Wang, please give it a chance. It’s not long, and the set up seems to have no particular direction. However, after watching it I did remember.

I remembered lost opportunities. I remembered how often I wrote to be critical and forgot to write in praise. I remembered how often I forgot to write about a perfect moment and appreciate the joys of life.

Roger Ebert in his 11th Hour lecture commented he considered reading the art that counted most–not writing, but reading. With the telephone, with Skype and with every day life, we don’t always take the time to write. You don’t have to write a full blog entry or a novel to have impact. Maybe Wang’s little film, taken seriously could help bring back snail mail. For the price of a stamp, you can brighten someone’s day. Why don’t we do it more often?

We spend much too much time complaining. Now take time to record good memories or make them.

Wang is one of Roger Ebert’s Far Flung Correspondents and is based in Canada.