Wonderful Wonder-Con weekend

What could make the wonderful world of Disney(land) better than having the wonderful Wonder-Con down the street? At the Anaheim Convention Center, it is a Wonder-Con weekend. If you don’t get there early enough, you might have to park a block down at the Garden Walk shopping center ($12) where Bubba Gump Shrimp Company is.

All the usual dress up precautions should be used: Don’t wear shoes that can’t take you a block and you can’t walk in for hours. Bring food and something to drink because the prices in the convention center will beat your wallet to a pulp. And wouldn’t you rather spend your money on toys?

Like an comic convention, Wonder-Con is a good excuse for dressing up. You get everything from little kiddies dressed up as princes, princesses and superheroes to women dressed up in less than would be appropriate at most local beaches. You want to see women with low necklines and high cheek-exposing g-string costumes, this is the place. Of course, there was also the guy who used body paint on his upper torso to approximate a Spider-man costume.


There should actually be a special workshop for men, who, not having experience carrying around large bags or baby-on-board on their backs, threaten to clobber unsuspecting members of the crowded convention center with the handles of their swords or the guys with the contraptions on their back (boxes with tubes and such) will turn in a crowd and take out your eye. Those steampunk goggles might be more practical than you think.

My expert felt that this was better organized than ComiKaze and the lines were certainly shorter than anything at Comic-Con.

We bought two Godzilla shirts, a sturdy light sabor ($35 from Ultra Sabers) and checked out some clothes and lots of toys, toys, toys. We didn’t have the time to wait in line at Dark Horse Comics but hope to learn more about their “47 Ronin” novelization by Stan Sakai. Remember when lint and dust bunnies were a bad thing? Now bundles of fluff can become a T-rex or even R2Dw under the skilled hand of Jackie Huang and become a Wool Buddy. As you might know, we love puppets and especially dragons so we were enchanted by Imaginarium Galleries drabbits. We liked UD Replicas, Anovos and Pendragon Costumes.

Watch out for the stealth Scientologist who lurks around with a questionnaire. Apparently, Scientology is considering a graphic novel for “Battlefield Earth.” What do you think? A well-illustrated book would do better than a John Travolta-starring bomb?

Three-day and Saturday badges are sold out. Sunday badges are still available. Visit the official Wonder-Con webpage for more information.

MARCH 29-31, 2013

800 W. Katella Ave.,
Anaheim, CA 92802
click for map

Saturday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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