Food memo for the Edwardian Ball

Los Angeles if you love everything  Edward Gorey or even things that are a bit ooky, you know the place to be this Saturday is the Edwardian Ball at the FondaTheatre. What better way to celebrate Edward Gorey’s birthday which Google’s Doodle of the day celebrates. But if you’re worried about feeling famished and don’t want to search for the nearest fainting couch, don’t. The Blue Palms Brewhouse is next door to the Fonda Theatre and a door is located in the lobby for easy access.

You can go early and have dinner there before the ball officially opens at 8 p.m. because dinner is served from 5 p.m. If you tend to get late-night munchies, then be sure to get there before 2 a.m. when the restaurant closes. For a little nibble, there’s gourmet cheeses or fish tacos. Other starters include fried mozzarella balls, chicken wings and onion rings and nachos.

If absinthe isn’t to your liking, then you can try the craft beers and you can order beer nuts or beer steamers to go with.

For something more filling, try their sandwiches including their Imperial burger with Kobe beef or their Truffle Burger (white truffle glazed bun with black truffles, Maytag blue, peppers, onions for $14. There’s also a Liars Fuego Steak Melt (prime rib with sauteed peppers on a cheddar jalapeño bread) for $10.

The sausages are even more intriguing: wild boar Andouille, pheasant, elk, alligator and venison. For the vegans, you can have a vegan Italian sausage or a vegan Mexican sausage.

You might want to loosen that corset for these and the desserts.

Click here for the full menu.

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