Mattel Celebrates Masters of the Universe 40th Anniversary with Party and Products

Mattel celebrated Masters of the Universe’s (MOTU) 40th anniversary by inviting press and influencers to its El Segundo campus for an exclusive tour special panel presentation and parting gifts. Even if you’re not a fan of MOTU, there’s plenty of cool things to see and consider, like how wonderful it would be where your work is all about play.  You need to jump on this quick to get in on some special offers but there are also plenty of things to come in 2023.

After opening remarks by MOTU Brand Manager Josh Graham, Vice President of marketing for action figures PJ Lewis and Vice President of Design of Act Figures Derek Handy, we went to the Eternia Room. If toymakers needed inspiration for the past to take MOTU into the future, the Eternia Room provided all the necessary visuals. Think of an incredible MOTU collector’s man cave.

While MOTU hasn’t been known for good Asian representation in the past, there was representation of Asian Americans on the product and packaging design panel which consisted of Damon Nee (Senior Director of Product Design), Terence Higuchi (Key Lead Product Designer), Sam Park (Senior Product Designer), Steve Redinger (Key Staff Product Designer) and Lawrence Pukhrambam (Senior Packaging Engineer).

MOTU fans can join a crowdfunding for the HGW42 Origins Enternia Crowdfund Playset (SRP of $550). This is a massive 3 x 4 foot structure that will feature a working monorail with battery-powered battle tram, sky cage and jet pack fighter. Additional features include an elevator, a command center with battle dummy, trap door, lunging snake head, working lion’s head gate with grabbing claws, turret, soft goods flags and applicable labels. The monorail can be configured to just circle the single center tower for display.

The crowdfunded needs 5,000 backers, but at 8,000 backers, the MOTU Origins Eternia Playset will also include a fully articulated Moat Creature for devouring unsuspecting intruders. The Moat Creature has seven points of articulation including a moving jaw.

At 10,000 backers, the MOTU Origins Eternia Playset will include the Moat Creature and Kevlar, Leader of the Elders. This action figure will have 16 points of articulation to make him battle ready. There is also an Early Backer Bonus for all orders received between Wednesday, 12 to 19 October 2022: A King Grayskull figure which will have 16 points of articulation, multiple accessories and soft goods cape with fur-covered pauldrons.

Photographer Jim Wimberg
Stylist Alphonse Neri

In the spring of next year, expect four new products. The HLB67 Masterverse Deluxe Revelation Duncan figure (available via US Target). This 7″ scale figure is a premium sculpt and deco from the Revelation Netflix show. The Durcan figure will have over 30 points of articulation and includes additional heads, hands, armor pieces, weapon accessories and soft goods cape.

Erik Kuang

The HKM62 Origins Ground Ripper and Mekaneck Figure and Vehicle (available from mainline retailers). This is a hero vehicle from the original toyline. This is one of the most recognizable single rider vehicles and this one will include real rolling wheels and an alternate road ripper head based off of the original He-Man designers’ concept art. It comes with a Mekaneck figure, a character not yet released in Origins.

Erik Kuang

Another Spring 2023 release will be HKM82 Origins Frog Monger Figure through Mattel Creations ($18). Frog Monger was first introduced into MOTU in the 1980s as a label sticker for the Castle Grayskull. Fan demand resulted in this never-done-before Origins character becoming a 5.5″ scale figure with 16 points of articulation. The figure comes with a blaster weapon and a backpack accessory alongside in mini comic in package.


Lastly is the HKM85 Origins Anti-Eternia He-Skeletor figure from Mattel Creations ($18). This 5.5″ scale figure is inspired by the DC Comics Multiverse Keldor. The figure will have 16 points of articulation and include the power sword, battle axe and shield accessories. The package will include a mini-comic for storytelling.

In the Fall of 2023, expect three new introductions: HLB66 Masterverse New Adventures Skeletor Figure (US Target) and HPG40 Origins Flocked Moss Man Figure (US Walmart). Moss Man will be at 5.5″ scale with flocked detailing and he will have over 20 points of articulation. He comes with mace weapons, a harness and an additional head. The New Adventures Skeletor figure is a 7″ scale figure with premium sculpt and deco. Inspired by the New Adventure series, this figure will have over 30 points of articulation and includes a soft goods cape, his iconic staff and a removable helmet. He perfectly pairs with the Spring 2023 release New Adventures He-Man.

Photographer Elizabeth Braunstein
Stylist Alphonse Neri

“By the power of Grayskull,” you can power on to the perfect addition to your collection starting with the crowdfund playset and on to whatever your fancy to celebrate MOTU at 40.

For answers to questions about the crowdfund playset visit the Mattel website.




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