Ms. Geek Speaks: Adam Crapser v. Chon’s ‘Blue Bayou’

I wasn’t able to get another screener for Justin Chon’s “Blue Bayou,” so I’m going from memory, but I have watched the “Vice” video that is referenced in Chon’s message to Adam Crapser which Crapser recently posted. I also read the two New York Times articles (the April 1, 2015 “Adam Crapser’s Bizarre Deportation Odyssey” and the “Deportation a ‘Death Sentence’ to Adoptees After a Lifetime in the U.S.”). Using these sources, I’ve written a comparison between the fictional character, Antonio LeBlanc, from Chon’s “Blue Bayou,” which is also played by Chon and the real Adam Crapser from the facts available to Chon who never re-contacted Crapser after Crapser responded.

  1. Both Adam Crapser and Antonio LeBlanc (Justin Chon) were adopted from South Korea. This is true for Monte Haines. 
  2. Adam Crapser and Antonio LeBlanc were adopted at the age of three.
  3. Crapser was adopted with his older sister. Antonio LeBlanc has no sister or other sibling that he was adopted with.
  4. Adam Crapser is listed as Ameriasian. Antonio LeBlanc is not.
  5. Adam Crapser was first taken to Michigan, then to Oregon. Antonio’s LeBlanc was adopted in Louisiana and did not move outside of Louisiana.
  6. Adam Crapser claims his first family was abusive. Antonio LeBlanc claims his adoptive father only was abusive. (This claim that the father was abusive is also true for adoptee Monte Haines.) In the film, “Blue Bayou,” Antonio asks his adoptive mom why she stayed with her abusive husband, even though Antonio defended her. He asks why she never chose him over the abusive father who is now dead. 
  7. Adam Crapser was adopted by a second couple (This is also true for adoptee Monte Haines.). Antonio’s LeBlanc was with one couple.
  8. The second couple who adopted Crapser was arrested and imprisoned for charges of abuse and rape.
  9. Adam Crapser had a child with another woman (NYTimes, 2015 “Two years ago, he violated a protection order taken out against him by an ex-girlfriend with whom he had a child, by trying to telephone his son.”)  Antonio LeBlanc has no other children with other women. He has no son.
  10. Antonio LeBlanc has a stepdaughter. Adam Crapser doesn’t have a stepchild.
  11. Adam Crapser has three daughters. Antonio LeBlanc has one biological daughter.
  12. Adam Crapser was arrested for domestic violence. (“Adoptee deported by U.S. to sue South Korea, adoption agency” from NBC News, 23 January 2019).
    “Richeson said Crapser was arrested by ICE on Feb. 8 after serving a 60-day sentence for menacing constituting domestic violence and attempted coercion.”)
  13. Adam Crapser was arrested for breaking and entering.
  14. Adam Crapser was arrested for owning a firearm.
  15. Adam Crapser is a former barbershop owner.
  16. Adam Crapser is a former auto insurance claims estimator.
  17. Antonio LeBlanc arrested for burglary (motorcycle gang chop shop).
  18. Antonio LeBlanc is a tattoo artist.
  19. Antonio LeBlanc has multiple tattoos.
  20. Antonio LeBlanc’s wife is White. Adam Crapser’s wife, Anh Nguyen, is likely Vietnamese, but definitely not as White as Swedish actress Alicia Amanda Vikander. 
  21. Antonio LeBlanc’s wife is a professional, a rehabilitation nurse. Ahn Nguyen’s profession/job is not mentioned in any of the articles I’ve read or the Vice video.
  22. Antonio LeBlanc contacts his adoptive mother who is now widowed. Monte Haines did have his adoptive mother’s support.

I find there are three points of commonality between Adam Crapser’s story and the fictional Antonio LeBlanc. However, two of those three points are also shared with Monte Haines. Monte Haines is one of the people mentioned at the end of “Blue Bayou.” Monte Haines was in contact with his adoptive mother, but I’m not clear if she was widowed. Antonio LeBlanc was also in contact with his adoptive mother. I am sure that both Adam Crapser and Monte Haines also experienced that “Where you from?” question, but that is common amongst minorities who come under the forever foreigner stereotype.

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