PBS Summer Showcase 2018: Super Cats, A Nature Miniseries

Super Cats, A Nature Miniseries

Super Cats” isn’t about Superman or Superwoman’s feline friends; it’s abut the soecues if wukd cats that are big, from as small as the pounce-specialist serval to the best as wearing stripes, water-loving tiger.

Globe trot with series producers Fred Kaufman and Gavin Boyland as they look at the secret lives of the big feline brothers of our sleek house pets.  During the panel,  the two men talked about stalking and being stalked by leopards, pumas and tigers, but instead of bringing cameras and high tech to awe us as previous nature programs have, they had a lovely serval, Tag, who kept his minder Wendy Wollrabe of the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar on her toes. I’m afraid I was too cat-tivated to listen.

Big cats need our attention because their environment is being threatened by human encroachment on their historical territories and environmental issues affect them as well. California has big cats (mountain lions) and the Southwest used to be the home to mountain lions and jaguars. The jaguar is the biggest large cat in North and South America, followed by the mountain lion (cougar).

The three-part series which premieres on 24 October and ends 7 November 2018. If you don’t mind your hump day turning into Caturday, “Super Cats” will make three Wednesdays wonderfully wild.

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