Japan World Heroes in Pasadena Fed our Godzilla Love

Saturday afternoon was slow, but Sunday seemed livelier at the Japan World Heroes Kaiju and Tokusatsu Convention in Pasadena 26-27 August 2017.

Full weekend pass holders got in to the Friday preview (4 p.m. to 8 p.m.), but Saturday and Sunday were easy-going enough that you could talk to the artists and actors.

While the actor who was the original man in the Godzilla suit (Haruo Nakajima) has passed away American actor T.J. Storm who was the motion capture artist for the

2014 American “Godzilla” was there. This super hunk also appeared as Colossus in the Marvel “Deadpool.” He was genial and willing to talk geek to geek!


We were tempted to buy some old-time weaponry and other expensive toys and some of the merchandise we saw on Sunday wasn’t out on Saturday.

With all the Godzilla action figures, we were disappointed that there were few Godzilla shirts.

We did get some Godzilla art from Gazbot Illustration‘s Gary “Gaz” Gretsky of San Jose. He had time for a convention sketch and to talk about a variety of Japanese TV shows. We got a Mothra versus Godzilla and a Godzilla versus Ultraman prints.

We also visited with one of our favorite artists, Peach, who was busy working the convention drawing convention sketches.

We also saw an extra cool Godzilla hoodie. 



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