Ms. Geek Speaks: Science Facts Matter: Join the #Resistance

I’d heard of the Badlands, but never put Dakota on my bucket list, but now my hero, who I’ll call the real #RogueOne is the person behind the Badlands National Park Twitter account.

The Badlands is located in South Dakota, it’s a place of bison, bighorn sheep and prairie dogs. There’s a fossil trail for paleontology enthusiasts as well.

The Bad Boy/Girl of the Badlands is there and on Tuesday, 24 January 2017, may be out of a job for going rogue and publishing facts–not controversial scientific facts, but well accepted facts.

This shouldn’t seem sscreenshot-twitter-com-2017-01-24-17-50-26_f925ca462ff2d1fe89af9ab5abcc968d-nbcnews-ux-600-700hocking except that President Donald Trump had already deleted all mention of climate change from the White House website and, reportedly, the Department of Interior was ordered to stop using Twitter after retweeting side-by-side photos that compared the 2009 Barack Obama inauguration to the 2017 inauguration. Basically, someone was unhappy about unflattering photo facts.

That wasn’t what the Badlands Baddest did. The offensive tweets were about climate change. Those tweets disappeared from the park’s official Twitter account.

Where our #RogueOne has gone is hard to know, but other accounts have sprung up in protest this policy change and the scientists in and around the U.S. are angry enough to plan a march.

Do you love science? Do you like using factual information for non-partisan discussions. Join the resistance. Follow these social media accounts:


  1. Alternative CDC (Unofficial unaffiliated resistance account by concerned scientists for humanity.)
  2. AltEPA (Unofficial Resistance team of the US Environmental Protection Agency)
  3. AltNASA
  4. AltUSFWS (Alt Fish and Wildlife Service)
  5. AltUSNatParkService
  6. AltUSForestService
  7. BadHombreLands NPS (Unofficial feed of Badlands NP)
  8. March for Science
  9. Rogue NASA


  1. Scientists March on Washington
  2. March for Science Austin
  3. March for Science Baltimore
  4. March for Science Boston
  5. March for Science Champaign-Urbana
  6. March for Science Chicago
  7. March for Science Columbus, Ohio
  8. March for Science Kansas City
  9. March for Science London
  10. March for Science Long Island
  11. March for Science Louisiana
  12. March for Science Los Angeles
  13. March for Science Michigan
  14. March for Science Minnesota
  15. March for Science NYC
  16. March for Science Oklahoma
  17. March for Science Orlando & Space Coast
  18. March for Science Phoenix
  19. March for Science Portland
  20. March for Science Sacramento
  21. March for Science San Diego
  22. March for Science Seattle
  23. March for Science Vermont
  24. Immigration March on Washington


  1. ScientistsMarchOnWashington


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