This morning the hashtag #WhiteInventions was trending on Twitter. Two people commented that the Google Doodle celebrating the successful Juno probe insert was incorrect in showing diversity simply because the panel members for the press conference were all white people.

Juno copy

The photo shows Geoff Yoder, Diane Brown, Scott Bolton, Rick Nybakken and Steve Levin. I was at the Juno newsroom all day and had been to other Juno related events.

JPL is a very ethnically diverse facility. For Juno, the professional journalist who was at the control room was Asian American (Chinese), Gaye Yee Hill.

This doesn’t include the scientists and researchers nor the people in the control room.

There is another Juno team at Lockheed-Martin.

A previous report included JPL systems engineer Tracy Drain who is black.

For the Pasadena JPL Juno team the day before the insert, July 3, a photo was taken of the Juno team located at JPL. You can’t ask for more diversity. Google Doodle got it right.