WonderCon 2016: What’s wonderful at the exhibition hall

Friday, we took at look at the exhibition hall at WonderCon 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. After the hassle with pre-paid parking using Parking Panda, we set our sights on exciting old and new artists.

Cats are well represented at WonderCon 2016 by Jenny Parks. Jenny Parks re-imagines your favorite heroes as cats at WonderCon (Artist Alley J-19).

Dailen Ogden is at J-20 Artist Alley) offers comics and illustrations that have a nouveau art feel. “Allegiance: Dragonics & Runics Part II ” (J-24) author A. Wrighton was offering small, colorful felt dragons available for adoption ($10).

Dog lovers must stop at Riana Dorsey’s table. Riana Dorsey does some cool illustrations.  (I-28) For some custom Star Wars-inspired models, check out Nguyen DongNaomi Romero loves corgis. If you do, too, check out her prototype of a corgi creature plushy. (Artist Alley I2).

You might have seen  PLove Prints on Redbubble (also Penelope Luv Prints or Penelope Love Prints) at Artist Alley H1.  Wee Bit O’ Freak and Wee Bit O’ Geek were walking around when we met them and loved their backpacks. They are also Etsy artists. They have a booth together under WeeArts (C28).

Another corgi project has flying corgis. Squidbrains will launch a unicorgi plushy Kickstarter campaign in April. These are suitably adorable. The brains behind this is illustrator and designer Jullian Altmeyer. (Artist Alley D18).

We saw some 3D art that you can do yourself by Josephine Roberts (Artist Alley D9). Their best-seller is the Batman one seen in the photo.

Book lovers and zombie lovers, visit Insight Editions. Insight has a special “Walking Dead” pop-up book. You can see splattered brains. Movie art books and books as art and books with arts for movie fans and TV series fans of shows like “Walking Dead.” The hefty “Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report” is a limited edition that weighs about five pounds and costs $325.  “The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book” is $65 and features a gruesome bullet-through-the-brain before and after page. For fans of Star Trek, there is a wonderful hard cover “Star Trek Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion from the Final Frontier.” At WonderCon you can get a special discount on most volumes.

WonderCon continues until Sunday at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Pre-paid parking is available, but costs more and can be confusing. Compared to previous years at the Anaheim Convention Center, there are more vendors and the activities are spread out between West Hall, South Hall and the Microsoft Theater at LA Live. Be prepared to walk. Other kinks in the system are the lost and found is more lost than found.

Looking for a lost item, we were sent from one table in West Hall to another table for the South Hall Lost and Found that did not exist. We were then sent to one room which sent us to another. No matter how honest a person was, one would have one’s patience severely tried trying to find a place to leave a lost item. WonderCon will return to Anaheim next year.

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