Ms. Geek Speaks: No-nos for men in their twenties

Men need fashion advice. Women have no problem finding their own personal fashion police and there are plenty of articles about what women should not wear or do past a certain age. This is a virtual industry, but men have been woefully ignored.

In your twenties, you are leaving high school and on your way to becoming a legal adult, but sometimes the young men in their twenties are still hanging on to their high school and even junior high school cool.  What might have once been dismissed as a youthful flirtation with rebellion now appears immature and won’t get you a job. Hairstyles and fashions change quickly, more quickly and harshly for women than for men so rejoice, but be sure to get a sensible haircut before you start looking for a job. If the hairstyle you have was popular while you were in high school, it is on its way out. Lose it now.

Here’s a list of ten things for men in their twenties.

  1. Stop wearing droopy pants.
  2. Stop wearing polyester suit jackets
  3. Stop wearing jackets in your school colors.
  4. Stop wearing trainers to work or going out
  5. Stop wearing clip-on ties
  6. Stop sporting the hairstyle of your favorite musician/pop star
  7. Stop wearing white tube socks and sneakers/track shoes
  8. Stop wearing any hat indoors
  9. Stop hating your parents.
  10. Stop letting your mom do your laundry.

Showing your underwear, even if it is just the waistband to show that you are either color coordinated or label aware is only cute in toddlers. Give it up now. We are not going to have the boxers or briefs conversation at work. You should, by now, have better things to discuss.

Polyester suit jackets are cheap and a way to get you through a one-off event such as a junior high graduation or a high school prom. You might even use it for a wedding, however, when you enter the work world, you need suit jackets that are made of cotton, linen or wool, usually a blend. While some schools require suit jackets, you will need to extend beyond your school colors, particularly if your colors are orange or a color not easily accepted or coordinated with in an office.

At this point, you need to invest in ties. Not ties that are from your high school or junior tie, but ties that are in different colors and match your suits and your industry. You need to learn how to tie them. Ditch the clip-on ties, invest some time watching the YouTube videos on how to tie them. In certain jobs, you’ll be wearing the daily. You will also need to learn how to eat with them.

Trainers are nice for athletic events and relaxing, but they are no longer considered special occasion dress wear. You do not go to school pep rallies and most workplaces do not have pep rallies, require their employees to turn out for cheers in the company colors nor make banners in support of your team.

White tube socks go along with trainers and track shoes. All are easy and comfortable, however, in an office setting, not appropriate wear. You need socks that coordinate with either your leather shoes or your pants/trousers. Do not moan about this because your female counterpart will have invested in pumps and pantyhose. You will not get sympathy there.

Wearing a hat indoors for men is consider rude. If might have been cute for a student or part of his/her uniform. In one’s adult life, hats are to be taken off indoors unless it is part of your uniform or required by heath regulations. That includes baseball caps and soft knit caps. Take them off in front of a mirror, straighten out your hair and get ready for the rest of your day.

While you were in high school or junior high, it was common place to complain about your parents. What kid doesn’t? You can still moan every once in a while, but as an adult, you should have other problems such as rent, transportation, shopping, bills and doing your own laundry. If you’re still going home and having your mother do your laundry, you are not an independent adult. You are a man clinging to childhood.

Laundry isn’t rocket science. Laundry is one of those things everyone needs to learn how to do. There are plenty of instructions about how to wash, fold and hang your clothes. Your mother learned it. You need to learn it. No one wants to be unpaid laundry person in the future.

In your twenties, you are still young and searching for your identity and a job that will support your lifestyle. Take these ten steps into adulthood. Readers, men and women, let us know what you think men in their twenties need to give up.


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