Mouse Guard game Kickstarter offers up new rewards

Do you love mice or must like the illustrated adventures “Mouse Guard,” then you have three days to donate to the Kickstarter project for a Mouse Guard: Sword & Strongholds. In the last three days of this Kickstarter campaign, Luke Crane and David Petersen are releasing 25 more signed copies and the last two copies of the deluxe set.

Via email, Crane wrote: “David had drawn the game into his comics, Mouse Guard. He depicted the mice playing, but he never described rules for the game. In January of this year, he sat me down with the prototype he’d made and as me if I could think of any rules for the game. Within a few minutes we were playing what would become Swords & Strongholds!”

Petersen, told us at SDCC, that it was “freaking weird” how they came up with the game in about five minutes while Crane was visiting. Petersen already had a model because he had a prototype made in order to draw it for his Mouse Guard series. What he didn’t have were rules.

The game is abstract like checkers or chess but requires strategy and tests the ability of two players. Since 2002, Crane has been a game designer and publisher and recently began working at Kickstarter as the project specialist for games.

The Kickstarter campaign started on 8 July 2014 and ends on 7 August 2014.  The campaign already has 1,023 backers and has surpassed its goal of $18,000 by raising $49,456. Petersen is delighted and noted that while both he and Crane have a fan base, the Kickstarter campaign is a great way of getting the news out and promoting something new.

Crane wrote, “We really didn’t know what to expect. David and I both have fan-bases, but neither of us has made a game like this before.”

While they had offered exclusives, these had quickly been snapped up. But as a way of rewarding fans who didn’t get there first, they are offering up 25 more signed copies and the last two copies of the deluxe set. The three exclusive items for this Kickstarter were limited runs of the letterpress printed deck, a special pewter pawn and the deluxe version of the game.

If you wanted to launch your own game, and wondered what makes a game work, game maker Crane wrote, “I don’t think I could answer that in general! But I think my games work because even if they are not simple, they are tightly designed and they reward players for investing time into them by revealing new layers to the design as they play.”

As the project specialist for Kickstarter’s games, Crane had some advice for a successful Kickstarter campaign: “Set a reasonable goal. Triple check your shipping costs before launching your game. Be polite and engaged with your audience, but don’t feel that you have to honor every request. And lastly, tell your story! Kickstarter is more than just a marketing or preorder platform. Your backers want to know how and why your game was made.”

If you’re interested in the Kickstarter Mouse Guard game, hurry to get your rewards! You have three days to become pledge at any level.

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