This is Team Dance Week (week 7) and there were five tens, but not perfect scores and a surprise elimination.

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren & Valentin Chmerkovskiy began the show and Lauren was fun instead of sexy.

Brant Daugherty & Peta Murgatroyd went for good clean fun and a bit of goofy with their jive. She had a big skirt and he had suspenders so it was a swing-type of jive. I never like stuff being smeared in the face of dancers (even thought I loved the extended pie fight in “The Great Race”).  Like Carrie Ann Inaba, I do love it when a handsome guy is willing to go goofy or geeky. He wasn’t spot on in terms of the beat and sometimes his feet weren’t pointed, but he’s fun to watch and the routine was really lively.

When I saw Leah Remini & Tony Dovolani dancing their salsa, I thought Remini didn’t have enough hip movement and lacked good core control, however, the host Tom Bergeron pointed out something that wasn’t in the rehearsal footage: Remini has a rib injury. Yes, the lifts usually aren’t allowed in a normal salsa competition, but this is “Dancing with the Stars” and they have their own rules. The lifts didn’t transition very smoothly, but Remini has guts and I’ve also had a rib injury and I give her credit for dancing without hesitation.

Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke danced jive to country. I never associated Osbourne with country, but he didn’t catch the character and there’s something very endearing about Osbourne even though his arms are a bit stiff and his transitions really abrupt. He probably didn’t deserve the 10 that Inaba gave him, but he has so much gumption for getting up and dancing despite his M.S. I agree with Goodman and Tonioli that Osbourne is surprising light on his feet and he has great musicality. Yet his feet aren’t always pretty and his moves could be crisper.

Amber Riley & Derek Hough are suffering. She has kneed problems. That’s common for people, particularly women who are overweight. He has back problems–that’s not surprising since he’s picking up a woman who outweighs him. There’s a reason, the woman or follower is usually smaller than the man. Hough was in a black bolero jacket and black pants. He wore no shirt. Riley had a black dress and long skirt. Her underskirt was red.

She caught most of the c-shapes and much of the spirit of the paso doble. With her hair up, you can tell that her shoulders sometimes ride up. I had suspected that before, but it was hard to tell because of her hairstyle. I do think that her long skirt might have covered up her bent knees. I’m with Tonioli.

Bill Engvall & Emma Slater danced the quickstep to an Elvis Presley number and I don’t think Engvall got the spirit of Presley or even the dance. Inaba noted that Engvall did keep in hold. Engvall sometimes looked more like he was skipping than dancing and his direction was a bit muddy.

I’m really disappointed with Polizzi and Farber being eliminated. Right now, I think Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff are my favorites. I’ve loved all their dances. Their routine for the cha cha cha was so tight, so sharp and fun. Goodman didn’t like the gyrating. Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke are a sentimental favorite because he’s battling a hard disease.

I’m not particularly eager to see Cher judging a ballroom competition.


  1. Amber Riley & Derek Hough: 28 + 4 + 29 + 30 = 91
  2. Brant Daugherty & Peta Murgatroyd: 28 + 3 + 27 + 30 = 88
  3. Elizabeth Berkley Lauren & Valentin Chmerkovskiy: 30 + 2 + 27 + 27 = 86
  4. Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff: 23 + 4  + 29 + 30  = 86
  5. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi & Sasha Farber: 27 + 3 + 27 + 27 = 84 ELIMINATED
  6. Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke: 25 + 2+ 27 + 30 = 84
  7. Leah Remini & Tony Dovolani: 27 + 1 + 26 + 27 = 81
  8. Bill Engvall & Emma Slater: 24 + 1 + 23 + 27 = 74


  1. Amber Riley & Derek Hough
  2. Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff:
  3. Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke
  4. Brant Daugherty & Peta Murgatroyd

30 (10,10,10)

The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)“—Ylvis

  1. Elizabeth Berkley Lauren & Valentin Chmerkovskiy
  2. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi & Sasha Farber
  3. Leah Remini & Tony Dovolani
  4. Bill Engvall & Emma Slater

27 (9, 9, 9)

Bom Bom“—Sam and the Womp


Elizabeth Berkley Lauren & Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Brant Daugherty & Peta Murgatroyd

Leah Remini & Tony Dovolani


Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke

Amber Riley & Derek Hough

Bill Engvall & Emma Slater

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi & Sasha Farber

Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff

  • 29 (10, 9, 10)
  • Cha-cha-cha
  • “Pumpin Blood”—NONONO
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How voting works

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The following week, the stars will perform again, and the judges will give each couple a score based on several factors, including technical execution. Those scores will be added to your votes from the previous week, and the couple with the lowest combined score from judges and viewer votes will be eliminated from the competition toward the end of that week’s episode.

So for example, your votes after Week 2 will be combined with the judges’ scores from Week 3 to determine who goes home at the end of Week 3. That means these dancers will have to bring it every week. If they had a bad week followed by a good week, the judges might be their saving grace. But a terrible performance might be enough to cancel out a solid performance the week prior — you’ll have to watch to find out.

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