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Women’s History

The Hedgehog¸

Take time to discover the hidden, and even forgotten is what the 2009 French movie, “The Hedgehog” urges. Think of a prickly, curled up ball that reveals a shy hedgehog. There’s a certain elegance in becoming something people might overlook or ignore. Or think of it as buried treasure.

Miss Navajo

Bill Luther’s documentary is about a practical kind of pageant where it isn’t about bathing suits and super model beauty, but practical skills and preserving tradition.

Mozart’s Sister

Watching “Mozart’s Sister” reminded me of where we once were. The movie which is a fictionalized account of Maria Anna Mozart considers what wonderful music has been lost forever because although she originally received top billing when she and her better known brother Wolfgang toured many cities with the ultimate stage parent, their father Leopold, Maria Anna Mozart was first a woman. “Mozart’s Sister” is also a star vehicle for director René Féret’s daughters and a good choice for Women’s History month.

She Makes Comics

There’s no doubt that women need a little bit of RESPECT, especially in comics and at Comic-Cons. Make time for the documentary “She Makes Comics,” a Kickstarter-funded independent documentary that won  Best Documentary as part of the  Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival at SDCC 2015. Although at times repetitive, the documentary highlights include interviews with Trina Robbins and Wendy Pini and a history on women in comics.


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Pasadena Art & Science Beat

It's the AGE OF THE GEEK in Pasadena.

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