‘Misandrist’ Misfires ✮

Bruce LaBruce’s “The Misandrists” might make a good campy night at a rundown or shabby chic small theater, but as a movie, it’s one of those bad movies you might save for a bad movie night.

As the title indicates, this is about misandrists–people who hate men. But heterosexual men, don’t despair. LaBruce has made sure there’s something for you here: lesbian sex and lesbians watching heterosexual porn.

The bad acting and the porn were not particularly appealing to me so half an hour into this one hour and 31 minute travesty, I had to stop. To be fair, this was the third bad film in a row that I had watched–each progressively worse.

The story takes place in the German countryside at a home for troubled girls run by a supposedly nun who wears more lipstick and makeup than can possibly be approved by any church dedicated to the simple life. This is all of cover although not a good one for a Female Liberation Army that plots to end patriarchy.

The leader is the Big Mother (Susanne Sachsse), a character who is more convincing as a dominatrix than a nun. She wants her little army to be one of lovers and their mission is funded by pornography. A handsome wounded young man, Volker (Til Schindler), on the run from the police stumbles out of the forest and into this secret militia. Wayward girls Isolde (Kita Updike) and Hilde (Olivia Kundisch) hide him in the school’s basement and Isolde finds herself tempted by her heterosexual urges.

If campy bad movies interest you and you like porn, this might be the right movie for a party. Otherwise, take a pass.


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