Exhibition on Screen: ‘I, Claude Monet’ ✮✮

It’s important to remember this is an “Exhibition on Screen” because that is how it plays–nice pictures that were painted by Claude Monet. What does give this some worth is that the director Phil Grabsky (“The Boy Who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan,” 2004) culled through over 2,500 letters written by Monety to shape the narration (Henry Goodman).

Grabsky has directed a few of these so you’re in good hands. This year, he credited with directing “Exhibition on Screen: Cézanne – Portraits of a Life” and last year, besides Monet, he also directed “Exhibition on Screen: David Hockney.”

If you can’t make it to an exhibit on Monet or want to see Monet’s works in a chronological order that tries to give you a sense of his development as an artist as well as the personal problems he faced, then this might be worth your time. “I, Claude Monet” is what it is. An exhibition on film.


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