Party into the New Year

Let’s be honest. If you’re not involved in the Tournament of Roses Parade, you either want to hole up and be cozy–safe from the crazy lost tourists, or you want to get out and be a tourist yourself. Why not escape to San Francisco? You can go New Bohemia or even a bit Gorey.

If you can’t make it out to San Francisco for New Year’s, then why not continue your celebration until later in the month? You can be steamy or punk or steampunk and they don’t mind if you decide not to read gothic novels, but be novelly gothic. The Edwardian Ball  welcomes all–costumed or not. You can experience it in two versions: in its full three-day glory in San Francisco or the one-night of sensory experiences. Think of it as a post-Halloween or pre-Halloween ball.

For New Year’s Eve, New Bohemia NYE is presented by Vau de Vire, Opel, and Kink.

These three producers bring a fresh, eccentric, subculture mega-party to San Francisco for New Year’s Eve. The party begins on 31 December 2014 at 8 p.m. and then goes on and on and on until 4 a.m. at The Armory in San Francisco.

Two  beloved Burning Man installations will also be presented: Hookahdome ( and Teapots (see photo below). Plus, the award-winning ‘Best of the Bay’ Tourettes Without Regrets showcase, described as a high octane display of beat-boxers, comedians, burlesque, circus performers, slam poets, battle rappers and audience interactive contests in a rapid fire exhibition of wacky old school vaudeville meeting the hybrid of hard edged hip hop and cutting edge performance.

The producers Mike Gaines (Vau de Vire), Syd Gris (Opel) and Peter Acworth (Kink) are now offering guests a VIP XXXperience!

Mark Day’s video:

A behind the scenes video by Nick Kasimatis:

Visit website for more information, photos, tickets and list of entertainment each night:

The 15thAnnual Edwardian Ball & Edwardian World’s Faire takes the theme of  Edward Gorey’s “The Beastly Baby.”

An elegant and whimsical two-day extravaganza of costumery, carnival, music, acrobatics, ballroom dancing and fashion takes place over two days, 16-17 January 2015, at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. This is an outrageous celebration of an unforgettable era while honoring Edward Gorey, the prolific master of ominous storytelling.

We are still unfortunately waiting for further word on the Los Angeles Edwardian Ball.

Visit website for more information, photos, videos, tickets and list of entertainment each night:

The Vau de Vire has more in store in March with “The Soiled Dove.” This  circus-infused dinner theatre set in the Barbary Coast’s red light district  sold-out four nights during its original run of six night.

You might have missed their first run of six shows, sold-out on four nights.  The good news is it’s coming back in March!  Please inquire in January about details.   “The Soiled Dove” will be at the Inner Mission in San Francisco

Visit website for more information:

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